AGK K81 DJ Headphones
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May 6, 2006
OK all, about a year ago there was a huge thread on just how good these headphones were - especially for the money. Of those that bought them, hiw many still feel that way and are still usung them regularly?

I do and am. They are still amazing.
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I've actually read through the whole thread, and ended buying a pair of K81 DJs myself. I've bought other headphones since, but I still use them regularly. Very fun to listen to and engaging.
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Still think K81DJ is good for the money, but not using mine regularly (on the fact that I don't use full size regularly anyway).
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they were good "all-purpose" headphones... good for home and on-the-go. comfort was a problem, but it was solved after stretching the headband a bit
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Got rid of mine fairly soon on. The bass was too strong for classical listening, and the overall quality inferior to the HD25-1s I replaced them with (and am still happily using).
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Still have mine and they get lot's of head time with my Zune (indoors only) and in bed because of the low leakage. BTW I tried the blu-tak mod and thought it ruined a great can, so I reversed it. I think they're one of the best deals out there.
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I purchased mine quite a while ago, 18 months+, but probably have not used them for at least a year. The SQ is good for the price, but I find them to be head clamp torture devices. Big head!!

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My first and only set to date (that will change within a few days with my SR225 though).

Does it have weaknesses? Surely. But for starting out these have performed as well as I could have ever expected. I will probably never rid myself of this pair - after 5-6 months of listening to them nearly every day I have too much sentiment and appreciation.
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I wouldn't use them for prolonged listening sessions, but they suit my mixing just fine. Great SQ with the ability to twist them in convenient ways. I don't care about the comfort cuz my attention is elsewhere, and their position is constantly shifting.

But yea.. circumaural phones for comfy-chair listening, please.
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I'm not using them so much at the moment because I use them as portable only, and I can't be bothered to get them out for my 20-30 minute train travels to and from work.
Also, I've been finding the isolation too poor recently... used them whilst in a car today and too much lower-mid range got sucked away, leaving a bit too much of a scratchy high end.
I think I should look at some canal 'phones, especially now I can use the cheap ones that came with my new phone for comfort testing purposes.

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