Aftermarket power cables for schiit amp and DAC

  1. ScareDe2
    I need an aftermarket Ac power cable for both my lyr 2 and my Bifrost. Please guys can you help me find what I need. Maximum $200 for each cable. Thanks.
  2. ScareDe2
    I have realised that when I move the power cable the sound quality increases. Weird. I do not understand why. Could it be that the static is removed and that helps the cable performs?

    ... that is crazy. Now everytime I get to listen to music I move the power cables a bit. xD
  3. Speedskater
    First the power supplies in many hi-fi components generate noise/interference. Second the power supplies in other hi-fi components are susceptible to noise/interference. AC power cords can act as noise/interference antennas (both transmitting & receiving). So just changing the length or placement of a power cord or even turning another hi-fi component on/off can change the problem.

    By the way Ram makes some very nice shielded power cords.
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  4. ScareDe2
    That is what I thought. Thank you for this answer.
  5. ScareDe2

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