Aftermarket IEM Cable List (Now more Visually Stimulating)

  1. jmills8
  2. Shawn71
  3. friedrice2307
    send him an email. His name is Lindsay. Really good guy and he will answer you quickly. I purchased his cables last year and I absolutely love them. 
  4. amature101
    do you know what is memory wire in chinese. I am looking for a cable and i want to tell the maker, not to make the cable to have memory effect near the connect
  5. mehdikh423

    Sorry i dont know
  6. Rei87

    Lol, that moment when you have colleagues who majored in Physics, are Physic profs (Im a psych major too, so placebo effects arent exactly new to me), but we all believe in cable difference in sound even when all (within reasonable limitations) confounds are controlled for. 

    kind of shows that even the objectivists are a fractured community in their opinion too haha 
  7. LuisAlberto
    I purchase the Lune MKIII de Null Audio,
    • The build quality is great,
      • no microphonics,
      • the cables do not get tangled
      • The ViaBlue connector is pretty
    • The sound is the same,
    • After 2 months of use, the transparent colored wire turned yellow, it is aesthetically ugly, someone knows how I can recover its original color?, I have cleaned the cable with everything I have had at hand but it does not change anything.
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    Here is a nice cable from a new company based in the UK but the cable is from Taiwan, WA Audio 8-wire Liqueur 24awg, very resolving and detailed with a wide and expansive soundstage but still smooth without any harshness.

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  9. Wyville
    Looks nice, do they have a website (the UK company)?
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  10. Oscar-HiFi
    They have an eBay store I think, I'll try and find it for you. But they have a facebook page (mostly in taiwanese but more english content to come)

    One of their new cables coming out called Rum is a copper cable that is quite neutral, detailed and open sounding :D

    The one pictured is one of their higher end cables arouns £900, silver gold mix.

    This one is silver gold mix too, but only £179, again a bit of a brighter more detailed tilt to the sound:

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  11. quodjo105
    Hi. I'd like to buy that silver/gold cable (£179) .would you say it's smooth sounding?. My iems are warm so won't help if the cable is smooth sounding as with other silver cables.
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    It's not a smooth sounding cable, it is quite open detailed and a little brighter than most stock cables.
  13. quodjo105
    Ok thank you very much
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