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Aftermarket IEM Cable List (Now more Visually Stimulating)

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  1. Rwhulle
    The FIIO remote unfortunately is only for X7.
    So you would recommend to just mail some cable makers and ask them directly? My first 2 tries have not been really helpful in that area. First one wasn't able to include a remote, second one couldn't confirm if this will work with the FIIO.
    That's why I am hoping for feedback from someone who has a cable that's working... Otherwise I will have to do it your way.
  2. amature101
    any review for this cable https://trinity-audio-engineering.myshopify.com/products/pono-balanced-mmcx-multi-braid-cable?
  3. Scott_Tarlow
    Hey guys, I just got a custom Beat Audio Signal cable, its pretty sweet. There is no sound quality differences between this and the stock UE cable (sorry cable believers, you aren't going to convince a physicist that there is anything but placebo sound) however the cable length, quality ect makes me happy with my purchase. Love using it with my nobel audio bts. Whats better is they didn't charge me anything extra for the custom work!
  4. jmills8
    True many after market cables wont change the sound. In thise cases I would not spend my money in looks. I will usually demo 20 upgrade cables before buying one and I buy the one that improves the over all sound.
  5. koven Contributor
    has anyone tried this custom maker? the prices seem quite reasonable and thinking about cabling all my cans from them
  6. Rei87

    Finally managed to acquire the specific cables+litz variation that I've wanted, and custom remade using specific configurations, using specific components and solders to ensure that nothing is holding the cable back. 

    Can anyone guess what these cables are :p 
  7. Rei87

    1) Your BTS already loses so much details that the cable isnt going to make much difference. And the Beats cable is pretty much a slightly more expensive stock cable, so obviously you wont hear much difference. Try throwing an upgrade cable from the big names and you will probably change your tune. 

    2) Its kind of funny that your mentioned your major. coz while I personally graduated with an Social Science degree, I do have a friend who study Physics as his major, and is a strong believer of cable affecting sound, and *gasp* 'burn-in' (I could almost hear the breath of silent scorn and condemnation). He spends weeks just burning in all new cables before actually using it, and tweaks the burn in using specific audio tracks depending on what he hears every now and then. 

    Thankfully, he didnt let his degree prevent himself from letting his own ears from being the judge. Granted tho, he does use a very sensitive IEM, with a rather good source (AK380CU + IC + AMP), as his portable rig. Heck, he even went to change the power cable to increase the sound quality from his home speaker set up. 

  8. Scott_Tarlow
    1) I can connect directly to my phone. I have tried big name cables (I used to own ALO cables, I've auditioned whiplash audio).
    2) It isn't my major, its my profession. Cables do make a difference, but it is very cheap to make a clean cable. The problem is it is very cheap to make a high quality audio cable. Here is a pretty easy read from quora: https://www.quora.com/Audiophiles-Does-the-audio-cable-make-a-difference-in-terms-of-sound-quality. What ever makes you happy is what you should purchase. 
    Have a good day. 
  9. glassmonkey
  10. Rei87

    Not as expensive as some, but then again, 'expensive' is relative. 
  11. friedrice2307
    I have and i love the quality. he is a great guy to deal with. he uses eidolic connections or whatever you call it. but great cables. i do not regret buying them. i these cables on some fidue a83.
  12. friedrice2307
    recently purchased some trinity phantom sabres and i believe i am having connection issues. anyone recommend a good but cheap 2pin iem cables?
  13. ultramega
    I have the Silver Sonic MKV from Beat Audio. Use them with some recessed socket Unique Melody IEMs. Really liked the cable, while it lasted. I take great care of my stuff, and have only had it since March, and the cable is already gone in the right channel. Contacted Stephen and awaiting a response. For $200 USD they better honour their one year warranty.
    Stupid question, though: I'd like a cheap replacement cable in the meantime. Does anyone know if Ultimate Ears' legacy cable will work with my recessed socket Unique Melody IEMs? They look similar...
  14. mehdikh423
    Second photo is Perfect mojo+iphone cable with decoder and no hisss at all.first photo is gold plated copper.and other is silver cable.all of these are for xiaofan company.They are professional in their work And their price is good too.they have 25% discount now.

    20160921_232344.jpg -517435010-1829656188.jpg
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  15. Oistein
    Does anyone know if the Impact Audio Cables are balanced or not? Thinking particularly about these https://www.etsy.com/no-en/listing/247025988/custom-infinity-series-iem-cable?ref=shop_home_active_1.
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