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Aftermarket IEM Cable List (Now more Visually Stimulating)

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  1. Skullbox

    Looking forward for an upgrade. Is still available ? Need one for my Westone 4r. I'm on budget, what model are you recommend me ? Any suggestions!?!
  2. jayohhvee
    Hey my sm64 cables have some uncleanable grime (second-hand). I do not know which cables to buy as a replacement, any help is appreciated.
  3. bogus1
    Have you tried a mild solvent like WD40?
  4. Skullbox

    Make Jig-A-Loo a try!
  5. kokmeng
    I am looking for a good/quality aftermarket cable for my Audio Technica IEM. Any suggestion for budget below $100 USD? Cheers.

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  6. Raketen
    Can I add Triton Audio Cables, which is MOT Alpha421 on head-fi? Recently wanted an MMCX cable I could try out the balanced out from GOv2... happens to live in my area, had a quick turnaround time and a low price, so turned out pretty convenient. Was good to deal with- I don't have a lot of experience with cables so not much else to say, other than that it works, doesn't seem to color the sound and appears nicely constructed (time will tell) as a budget custom cable option- only negative so far is the shrink wrap chin-slider which works but wouldn't mind a more rugged option. Cable material noise/microphonics isn't bad, about the same or slightly better than the ALO Tinsel OM I had been using ( nice cable too), minimal with shirt clip.

    Pictured here with a single end adapter he also whipped up.:



    Is it for the IM-series? I remember some people on the IM review thread were getting them from Lunashops some time ago... there was also an official cable with a mic that came out at some point.
  7. kokmeng
    Hey, thanks for reply. Unfortunately, I am putting it on sale now. Got myself SE846 instead. :)
  8. Skullbox
    I'm planing to replace the stock Epic cable from my Westone 4r. I'm looking as well for a good/quality aftermarket cable, from reputable brand, for my Westone IEM.

    Any suggestion for budget below $200 USD? (To be Ship in Canada)

  9. flinkenick
    Rhapsodio cables are among the highest quality on the market. They offer cables at various priceranges, also below $200.
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  10. Skullbox

    Rhapsodio cables ? ok, I will see there site for models options!

  11. flinkenick
  12. Rwhulle
    it looks like I am the only person with that problem, but is there somebody out there who tried to find a cable for CIEM (in my Case a Custom Art EI.xx) with a standard 2-pin connector that has a remote and that actually works with the newer FIIO DAPs like X5 II?
    I had a rather long search in this forum and the rest of the net to find cable suppliers that offer an inline remote at all.
    Only cables that I managed to find have been from Null-Audio (CTIA compliant but unfortunately doesnt work with FIIO - even if it should...); some rather low class cables from Lunashops and the replacement cable from 64audio where I dont know if they work with the FIIO.
    It seems that the FIIO is quite picky in this regard as there are quite some remarks in their forum stating some examples from earphones with remote which should work but doesnt.
    Can anyone please give me any hints on where to find a reasonable priced cable (below 200) that works with FIIO for my CIEMs.
    Thanks a lot
  13. Skullbox

    Same to me as well, I'm looking for replacement for my Epic, Westone w4r cable. Null and Moon Audio seem to be both great upgrade cables. Lune series, Black, Blue, or Silver Dragon cables options are good choices available.

  14. Raketen

    Fiio actually started making a bluetooth remote RM1 recently which you can wear in a number of ways...I think it is only for the x7, though.

    I think a lot of custom cable makers mentioned here can modify your existing cables with a remote, or reterminate a remote cable that works to 2-pin, or create a new cable from scratch with a remote you provide. They may not list it in their store pages but can contact and ask.
  15. Rwhulle

    Null and Moon Audio cables might be great, but there remotes do not support FIIO ( or probably other way around).
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