aftermarket balanced cable with MMCX Connectors for Westone W-Series
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Aug 27, 2016
after searching through the forum and not finding any particular answer to the question I've been asking myself I thought I'd open up a thread for this particular issue.
I am currently planning to buy a balanced cable to use with my Westone W40 and an Onkyo DP-X1.
I have found people reporting issues when using third party (non Westone) balanced cables with the Westone W-Series because the MMCX connectors arent a perfect fit.
In search of a balanced cable I have come across a website called that sell custom balanced cables and inquired about this particular problem, and in their responve they've mentioned that they had cracked the casing on a pair of Westone W-Series IEMs when trying to connect a third party balanced cable to them.
My question now is, has anyone made experiences with their own Westone W-Series or another Westone Series using MMCX connectors regarding this issue?
And has anyone found a pair of balanced cables that they use without problems with their Westones?
I have also contacted about this and they've assured me that they test new IEM designs to avoid compatibility issues like this, they even instructed me on how to correctly connect the MMCX connectors to my W40. They do seem to be knowledgeable and at this point they seem to be my safest bet on getting a balanced cable that will work for my W40.

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