After some adjustment.. I love my e5's
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Del Griffith

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Jul 30, 2003
Just got some e5's from idealsound last week. After a few days of fiddling with them and trying all the different tips..I really love them. I have had some ety 4p's for about 6 months..and though I love them, I wanted some more bass. So I decided to give the e5 a try. The bass is awesome and after using my xin super mini for the first day..I used them w/o the amp with my ipod and the difference was much better..believe it or not. My initial reaction was total dissapointment of the a moron, I even panicked and listed them for sale a few hours after I recieved them!! Thank God I gave it more time.. just like my ety's I kept getting the seal wrong. Once I got the right seal with the right tip..and dropped the amp..I am in love with the e5's. I figured I would sell my 4p's if I liked the e5's to offset the cost..but just like many have said here..they are totally different. I love them both and am glad I have both. I won't part with either. I owe a ton of grattitude to toaster22 for the review and advice..thanks!! I am stuck between the clear medium silicone tip and the triple flange modded..they both are equal to my liking. Just for the heck of it I have been burning them in for the past 24hrs. Some say you don't need to with canalphones..some say yes. We shall see.
So if you are a semi newbie like myself and buy sure to give it plenty of will be worth it. Also reading advice and reviews in the forum from lindrone helped tremendously..Thanks!!
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Jan 13, 2004
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glad to help.
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Mar 5, 2004
In all fairness. I have used the E5 many many times, but right out the box and for few hours at a time. I wasn't impressed at all and noticed immediately the lack of detail. I think the right thing to do is to get the E5 and allow them to burn in for at least 40 hours and then try again.

There are things about the ER4 that the E5 can't compete with and that's the detail. There is no way I can part with my etys.

However, if after the 40 hrs burn the detail improves, I will keep them. If not, they will go.
The E5 does look robust and may be good for the road for live performance monitoring...which is why I have gotten them. The etys are not good for live performance audio and they look dorky. I have decided to put off the purchase of the UE-5C or UE-10 Pro because I like the idea of being able to resell my stuff.

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