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affordable in ear headphones from amazon?

  1. Shawn8864
    Let me start this off by saying i am no audiophile. I am one of the few people at my high school to expand their headphone choice beyond skullcandy and Beats by Dr Dre. i Had the sennheiser cx500s, and i loved them. While they lasted. I had them for 2 months, and they broke. I am extremely careful with my headphones, but one ear broke for no reason. I got the ultimate ears superfi 3, and i was not impressed. I decided that they didnt sound much better than my ipod headphones. So, now i'm looking for a new pair of in ear headphones. Ive been looking at a few choices, and here are some i have as of right now: Klipsch image s2, sennheiser cx300, bose in ear headphones (yea i know, murder me for thinking about them), brainwavz proalpha and meelec -whatever is the best for under $50-. I'm looking for good in ears for under $50 on amazon. Amazon has some great deals on a ton of headphones.
    The bose ones are sold new or $50, and they are originally $80. People say theyre not worth $80, but are they worth $50?
    Are cx300 ii as good as cx500?
    any other suggestions of headphones under $50 on amazon are appeciated.
  2. Shawn8864
    ive also seen the jbuds headphones, but ive heard they arent very good.
  3. sari0n
    Spend an extra $10 and get the brainwavz m2.  There was a topic EXACTLY like this one a few weeks ago and that was the conclusion.  Meelec headphones are also always a good choice for people with a tight budget.
  4. jaqueh
    ne6 are the only earphones i've heard in that price range that are better than the cx500
    actually what music are u into? because the ne6 are basically only good for jazz, some classical, and not so harsh metal.
  5. kmhaynes
    Yeah, the CX300 II is def better than the old CX300, better balanced, but still too boomy and muddy despite the improved sparkle in the high end.  The NE-6 is a great sounding phone with nice wide stage, and slightly boomy bass, but that can be toned down a bit if you are not afraid of EQ'ing them down some.  You should also look at the Brainwavz series -- there are several nice options under $75.
    HeadDirect/Hifiman RE2 and the new Nuforce NE-700X are options to check as well.
  6. hojomojo96
    I own MANY IEM'S under $50. To start with, the M6s are great, but in my opinion don't match up to the Head Direct RE2. There is also the Brainwavz Pro Alpha, which I get next week, can't comment on the sound. Supposed to be a great price. The metro.fi 220's by Ultimate Ears/Logitech are GREAT, but $40 for them may be a stretch. See if you can get them for less. The Kicker eb141's are another great option although quite bass heavy, and they have terrible isolation. No one here really seems to be aware of their existence :/
  7. Shawn8864
    i know it sounds weird, but idk if im willing to stretch to the $60. and i like heavy metal/ what you would call "screamo", and i rlly like my bass. i had the cx500 and i didnt think the bass overpowered the other tones. Like i said, im no audiophile. i noticed no difference between the superfi 3s and ipod earbuds except the fit. so, would i notice that much of a difference from the cx300 ii and cx500? and btw, are brainwavz alpha close to m2 in terms of sound quality?
  8. 50an6xy06r6n
    Have you checked this thread out? The rating system makes it really easy to compare headphones, and the reviews themselves are very thorough. Also, a lot of the IEMs listed are available on Amazon. Based on your price range, you might want to check out the Soundmagic PL-50s, as they get consistently good reviews and are available off Amazon
    Oops, I forgot the Brainwavz M2, which Amazon also carries
  9. msportr430
    You can get a set of refurbd monster turbines for 50 bucks from monster's outlet store
  10. Shawn8864
    and btw, cx500 vs bose in ears? just wondering. 
  11. tan1415
    If you only had them for 2 months....why dont you just use your warranty?
  12. Shawn8864
    They were from an "unauthorized dealer" and they refused to give me any service.
  13. Shawn8864
    so ive added ne6 and pl30 to the list. some1 up there said ne6 are better than cx500 but not good for harsher metal? does that mean less bass?
  14. 50an6xy06r6n

    If you added the pl30, why not the pl50? they're still in your price range
  15. jaqueh


    ne6 and cx500 i find have similar bass, but the cx500 seem to be an overall faster pair of headphones with better instrument separation meaning it can keep up with how fast metal not well but better than the ne6

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