Affordable active noise cancellation at less-than-Bose prices?
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Sep 25, 2002
Maybe you can help me choose the right headphones for this situation.... I work from my apartment, which obviously isn't terrific once the neighbors come home and crank up the TV. I also go on periodic "working vacations" in which I stay with a family member who likes to play the bass. In the past I solved these challenges with ear plugs, IEMs (sometimes combined with shooter earmuffs) etc. But my ear canals have decided that they just can't tolerate in-ear solutions anymore, so I guess I need to look into active noise canceling headphones. Even a relatively hefty passive noise canceling model such as the Senn 280 Pro (which I own) doesn't quite get the job done for me....
Bose QuietComfort looks like the reigning champ in terms of active noise canceling power, but unfortunately their prices reflect their reputation. So I'm looking at options in the hundred-dollar range such as the Solitude XCS2 and Audio-Technica ATH-ACN7B. Do you have any specific non-IEM recommendations or suggestions in this budget range? (Noise canceling matters more to me than sound quality for this particular application.)

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