AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
  1. TonyNewman
    The opposite of dead tonality.
  2. Porkyan
    Haha that wasn't very helpful but i inferred that it's just the liveliness (how much it sounds live) of the headphone?
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  3. Jimster480
    Yes where you can listen to a Live Recording such as s Lang Lang's live albums (2 examples):

    And it will sound as if you are there, provided your gear resolves well enough.
    The sound of people in the background, the piano keys being struck, etc the tone is the same as real life.
    As someone who has seen Lang Lang play live (and a few other big artists) in the Arsht center I can attest that the tonality really matches how I feel when I am there.
  4. Jimster480

    ^the second album for above
  5. klo
  6. thebkt
    Just gave it a shot. Completely clean even with the volume cranked up quite a bit.
  7. brokengundam
    Tested the Aeon's paired with the RHA dacamp 1. All tests sounded clean.
  8. Porkyan
    You probably have some wierd/underpowered amp like me lol
  9. Porkyan
    Amazing! I just wanna look for a hamilton live :> but can't find it haha
  10. Jimster480
    What is the artist specifically? I will check spotify for you, I have become quite good at finding things on spotify :)
  11. Porkyan
    So far im testing the topping D3 since a kind seller's willing to lend me to test it.

    It's just enough volume wise. Just enough. Like literally. You'll have to reach 95% to say "ok it's good enough" and i blast music when i test dacs and amps that i get uncomfortable so i suppose 85%-90% will be enough for the Topping.
    now I'm just checking to see for any crackling or buzzing or any change in frequency response.

    And i should seriously stop testing it at high volumes. lol
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  12. klo
    I am actually on my third pair of AFC headphones now, so I am confident it is the headphones and not my source/amp. I have tried with among other stuff: iFi BL, Magni3/Mimby. The problem is only on one of the channels and is still on the same cup if i change the cables around.

    The first was sent back because of some minor cosmetics. I did not experience this rattle problem on these.

    The second pair: the rattle problem was on the left cup only.

    The third pair i use now, I have the rattle problem only on the right cup.

    The rattle only last the first 4-6 seconds of the bass shaker test, and declines in presence as the frequency goes up. But the rattle is clearly there and you can not be mistaken if the problem is there or not.

    Not sure if i should ask for a 4th pair or what to do now. :triportsad:
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  13. Porkyan
    Do it :p

    I mean, you paid for it anyways.
    I'm trying this test to see if there's any consistency.. man this feels wierd to listen to but it has no issue on mine

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  14. klo
    Yeah, the noise is there from around 30-40hz to 70-80hz in that video. Altough not as pronounced as in the bass shaker.

    I guess i will ask for a 4th pair. I really like the AFC, but will not accept this rattle problem. Maybe i will ask the dealer to test them before shipping them this time.
  15. Porkyan
    go to a local store to compare just to make sure .Thats what i did.
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