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AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrspeakers, Jan 30, 2017.
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  1. Sharkhunter

    I tried aeon at the camjamnyear today. they r extremely comfy. I am happy with my preorder. zmf Atticus and eikon look really big and heavy in person.
  2. Imusicman
    Great to hear they are comfy. What were your impressions on sound? Can you tell me also how they were being driven. Thanks
  3. Sharkhunter

    by the schiit stall, aeons were hooked up to vali 2. wierd. but they were extremely good. I was able to try these with woo audio firefly, schiit Magni, vali, jotenheim.

    they sound great on magni.. Amazing.
  4. Imusicman
    Thanks. Looking forward to receiving my pair
  5. taxiq
    And I too await their arrival .  .  . with heighten interest.
  6. mscott58
    They are sweet. Dan has a home run here IMHO. Cheers
  7. Monsterzero
    Just returned from CanJam...

    The Aeon sound excellent,and very comfortable as well...seems like many vendors were using them to demo their amps and DACs.
    They were,to my ears very clear sounding,nice imaging and soundstage that for a closed back was very nice as well.

    That being said they were my 2nd fav headfphone of the meet,next to the Atticus...thats a beast! Granted it is,as Sharkhunter mentioned,quite bulky looking but I didnt have any issues with comfort,but I rarely do(see signature)

    Comparing the two is apples and oranges,and probably a better comparison would be the other ZMF offering,The Eikons. Both the Aeon and eikon seem targeted at an audiophile crowd,whereas The Atticus is a fun listen. 

    They did sound really nice thru the Vali 2/Modi Multi bit.
  8. xuan87
    For the lucky beasts that managed to hear the Aeons, any comment on how they against Mrspeakers' other offerings.
  9. emergencylies
    I'm interested to know if they have a laid back or forward sound, and if their treble is fatiguing if your on the more sensitive side of that.
  10. inthere

    I personally liked them better than Ether C.......better soundstage and possibly even more resolving. More on the low end also while overall "thicker".....................thicker than Ether C, but at the same time not "thick", if that makes any sense.

    Alpha Dog, Aeon is way better at everything while leaving behind the Alpha Dog coloration. Also extremely pleased I'll be able to use my "DUM" balanced and 1/4 cables with it but curious about the new "DUMMER" cables
  11. reddog
    Hmm thanks for your impression, I can hardly wait for them to arrive, in April. Please have a great time jamming out to your fav music.
  12. gward4
    Very interested in these. Anyone who tried them, any thoughts on how much sound they leak? (I know it may have been hard to tell with the ambient noise at the show). I would love a quality closed pair that I could use in the bedroom without bothering the wife.
  13. Monsterzero

    Just wokeup from a nap,thought I was reading the ZMF thread,so disregard what I typed[​IMG]

    Yes,they did isolate quite well
  14. mscott58
    Didn't have a ton of time with them but really liked what I heard. They're more forward than laid back to my ears, and they're treble is not laid back either, so someone who tends more towards a darker Audeze-like sound might find them too strong in the treble area. They're not like the HD800's in that dimension, but are not rolled-off to me. So if you're super-sensitive to treble/high-end energy then these might not be your cup o' tea. Again, just my brief early impressions, so have a listen and see what you think. Cheers 
    emergencylies likes this.
  15. HK_sends
    I know the Ether Flow C benefits from an extended burn-in in order to fully open up.  I wonder if the Aeons' sound signature would change after extended burn-in..?
    -HK sends
    P.S. - I do believe in sound quality changes with headphone burn-in or extended use.  If you don't agree with that opinion then of course, YMMV.
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