Advise on mini to mini IC, connector and cable
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Hey guys and girl

I have been thinking about making myself a shorter IC for my s9 and upcoming pico slim.
I want to use Jena cable and perhaps some of those nice new Oyaide 3.5mm connectors.
Does anyone know if 18awg is to thick for these connectors or should I just go with 22awg.
And how about the connectors, does anyone know some other nice ones?

btw I know the Canare, neutrik and switchcraft - been there done that, and they are nice, but the oyaide just seem slim and very nice
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Which Oyaide's? I didn't know they had standalone mini plug connectors available. At any rate outside of Jenalabs, I don't know anyone who uses 18 gauge wire consistently for interconnects. I have gathered that 22-26 was the ideal range. I can't answer your specific question about the Oyaide's, but 4 18 gauge wires is an awful lot to cram into a mini plug, especially if you are looking at a slim one.

And for nice mini's, you can check out Not sure what they charge for international shipping, but they have some nice connectors for reasonable prices.
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Originally Posted by Juaquin /img/forum/go_quote.gif
18 might be possible but it would make a very stiff, inflexible cable. Personally I would stick with 22, maybe 20 if you want to push it.

Okay, well to me stiffness does not matter that much.

But if 22awg is considerd the best for ICs then I will take that instead of 18awg.

I can see that they have the viablue at, I have alo been looking at this one, it sure seems nice but a bit big

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