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Advice wanted on custom IEM fit issue

  1. tkalee
    Hi, I got my first customs over the weekends (1964 Quads), and while I'm generally delighted with the sound signature, I think I'm having real issues with the fit, and was hoping my fellow head-fiers could help with a diagnosis. Here are the issues so far:
    1. They rub deep against my ear canals -- except when I wear them lying down. I'm wondering whether this is normal, or whether I'm simply shoving them in too far. The sound doesn't seem to change radically when I let them sit loosely enough that they don't push against the ear canal, but then I lost out on the isolation.
    2. When I make simple facial expressions (e.g., raising my eyebrows, smiling moderately) I lose the seal until my face goes back into neutral. However, yawning doesn't break the seal.
    Can anyone tell me whether I've got a bad fit or whether I need to just give it time?
    Any help (help!) deeply appreciated.
  2. JackKontney
    Not sure what you mean by "rub deep against ear canals," but it's unlikely you're inserting them too deeply. As a rule, customs should be fully inserted. They should not be able to reach/contact the eardrum, as the actual product should match the impressions, and the impressions should never reach the eardrum when they are taken.
    The loss of seal is a definite concern. Ear canals behave differently in different people. They can get bigger or smaller with different changes of facial expression, and it's totally idiosyncratic.
    Time is very unlikely to change fit for the better. I recommend you see your audiologist for a fitting - to be certain you're putting them in correctly - then explain the fit issues to him/her.
    Obviously, calling 1964 for their recommendation is another option.
  3. Spyro
    Yes, sounds like a bad fit issue.  Unfortunately, with customs, there is no forgiveness whatsoever.  They either nail the fit or miss it and if they miss it, it won"t sound right.
  4. tinyman392
    I'd contact 1964 Ears cause it sounds like a fit issue.  See what they can do about it.
  5. tkalee
    Thanks for the advice guys. I think contacting 1964 is my next step, but first I want to give them some time to see if I do indeed acclimatise to them.

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