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Advice wanted for new IEMs - AKG N40 or Westone W30?

  1. pilgrimbilly
    Evening head-fiers

    Looking for a little upgrade, all help hugely appreciated.

    Hopefully enough info here:

    • Previously RHA T20/Samsung S8+/DFR
    • Now LG v30, rooted, delighted with audio quality and less cables
    • Had the T20s two years, reasonably knacked now. And bored of cleaning the filters
    • Budget is absolute wife-decided, max. Euro420
    • Limited audition possibilities (live in Oslo)
    • Loved my previous combo except for sibilance from the T20s. Had loads, want none
    • Reliable Android remote is a must unfortunately
    • Need huge isolation. Preferably via flange tips but have Complys too
    • 55 years old, need volume
    • Disco/funk/UK 70s punk/UK 80s synth/increasing classical
    • Use UAPP/Tidal. Huge own FLAC library, more than enough storage to rule out >mp3
    • Not interested in Shure. Never liked them
    • Since I've tweaked the v30 I can go for a higher impedance if necessary
    • Reasonably futureproof. Fiio M9 may be on way via secret Mastercard that wife is unaware of...
    I think I'm leaning towards the AKGs but am happy to have my opinions swayed.

    Thanks all:)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018

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