Advice please on buying a 2nd pair of in-ear Headphones
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Jul 21, 2009
I bought a pair of UE Triple 10's last year and use them mainly use them listening to my iPod via a Graham Slee Voyager amp, but occasionally at home too, played through an Arcam amp.
The combination of the Super 10's and the Voyager amp provides a great sound, but I now need a second pair for my wife to use on a long haul flight.
As a music and gadget junkie this provides me with the opportunity to buy another pair but would prefer to try a different manufacturer. For this reason, ideally I'd like to get a pair that is even better than the Ultimate 10's; so I'm guessing I need to consider the top-of-the-range models from either Shure, Sennheiser, Westone or Klipsch.
So I would be grateful for anyone who owns or as listened to the UE Triple 10's if they can let me know if I can get an even better sound from any of the high end models produced by the above manufacturers?
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What do you like or do not like about the UE's? Do you want more bass or better mids, or probably a more neutral sound?
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Thanks Timothy. Unfortunately I have no experience of any other quality in-ear headphones - The UE Triples were my first pair so I have nothing to compare them with. Maybe the UE Triples are the best I can get, but I wanted to check first, hence my thread
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well i dont think you can really get better but you can get very different and may find something that works better for you.

though im not sure why you have included klipsch they do some nice things but not any thing thats right at the very top end.

since also you say its for ona flight then thats a bit hit against the sennheiser

so id say that makes it between westone and shure, W3 similarish to what you have, the 530 at the opposite end and the um3 in the middle. just a question of what sound signature of them you want
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you need it for a flight right? so... you would want good isolation...
Mark is right... even if you get SENNHEISER's top of the line IE8, if its for traveling maybe you wanna reconsider.

..If you go for SHURE's SE530 it does provide a better seal but it's sound signature is very different from that of the TripleFi. It shines amazingly on the mids.
..If you go for WESTONE's UM3X i would say i still provides a better isolation compared to the IE8, and it sounds like what others say "the shure se530 on steroids".
...If you go for WESTONE's westone3 (W3) the seal is amazing for me, although there are a few complains. I might say the W3 sounds more similar to the Triple.Fi 10.

i currently have no love for KLIPSCH... so no comment on this...

my bet would be the W3 for your wifey then... HAPPY TRIP! ^^

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