Advice please: Mini3 or Ibasso D2+ Boa or IBasso T3?
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New Head-Fier
Apr 2, 2011
Hi there, I'm completely new to headphone amps and looking for a little help.
I have a pair of AKG K271 mkii's, love the sound of them but they arent very sensitive, not looking to change them just give them some decent power.
I'm looking for something smooth and easy over detailed and possibly fatiguing, and I like strong punchy bass.
After lots of reading I am thinking building a Mini3 is the best bet for a reasonably priced amp I wont outgrow too soon.
However there is also a used Ibasso D2+ available locally for about the same money as the Mini3 parts will cost. 
Any opinions on which would suit me better in the amp department only?  Dont really need the DAC on the D2 so I dont really care about that.
And for a few bucks more a new T3 could be an option too.


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