Advice on Shure SE215 IEMs

  1. SilverFire200
    Hello, recently I have been looking for a pair of IEMs, and stumbled accross the Shure SE215. I have seen many reviews, but people have mixed feelings. For anyone out there that owns a pair, can they share their experiences? How good is the bass? Is it suitable for genres such as EDM and Trap?

    Thanks for your time

    P.s.: if they are not for my music preferences, can you kindly advice me a pair of IEMS for around £70?
  2. haimaki
    The SE215 are bassy IEMs, so it should be good for EDM and Trap.
  3. TheRock99
    One year ago I prefferred the Vsonic GR07 the the 215 and I think for your genres the Vsonic will be good.
  4. Musok
    Hi-jacking the thread...

    I'm also looking at SE215 but for Rock. What do you think? Also the flexibility to have the wireless kit seems very interesting. I have an AKG 240 and the Sennheiser CX300. I don't go that much out with the phones on my ears but... What do you think? Is it worth it?
  5. IkSak
    They're a bit high on the bass and they sound good with rock. Nonetheless, I find the Hifiman Re400 better and more suitable for more types of music.
  6. Musok
    I wil check them although since my listening is mostly done on the desktop I think i'll buy a DAC first so I can enjoy better sound on the AKG 240. Still deciding which DAC to buy, in Portugal is hard to find the good ones at a good price (even when sending from abroad).
  7. Grimbles
    I love my 215s and use them a lot still. They have more impactful bass than eg the 425s but they still have decent mids. Edm, rock and indeed classical are all well enjoyed by me on these iems. Of the money ive spent to date on headphones buying a pair of 215s v stock smartphone earphones has been the greatest sq leap other than moving to a decent dac (dragonfly 1.2) from an iphone 5.
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  8. Grimbles
    Budget matters, but i dont think you can go far wrong with the ifi nano idsd bl. Depending on where you are in portugal it may be cheaper to take a budget flight to the uk, buy one then go home! Plus you could come see the uk before the unwashed imbeciles ruin it once and for all. I recently went surfing in ericeira and i think my flights were about 50 quid (so about 50 euros :frowning2: stupid brexit).
  9. Musok
    I've been two times last year in London but I won't be there for at least a year. Next year I have to take a lot of planes already. I don't plan on using 215 as primary since I like very much the comfort that the AKG give me.
    I was thinking on SMSL M3 but I'll check these IFI since I never heard of them.
  10. Grimbles
    English company, reasonably well regarded in this community.
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