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Advice on new pair after NE-700's stolen :(

  1. NateZ28
    Hi everyone, first post here.
    I recently had my NuForce NE-700M's stolen. :frowning2: I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's that sound slightly better.
    My price range is up to $150. A mic would be nice since I mostly use them with my iPhone.
    I do like bass and didn't think the bass was overwhelming at all on the NE-700's. I did have issues getting a good fit, they would constantly get loose in my ears (especially my left ear, maybe I have a deformed left ear canal).
    I primarily listen to Dubstep and Hip-Hop, but a little bit of everything.
    Thanks for advice and glad to be a part of head-fi.
  2. NateZ28
    Considering the Spider realvoice IEMs. How will these compare to the NE-700's?
  3. Cielbleufr
    Dunu , every model , eyes closed. Got the Trident, words missing to explain how Extra it is ...
  4. Cielbleufr
    Electronic music (deadmau5, JXL, Even Air)

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