Advice on HRT Headstreamer with ATH-M50x with source being HP computer and Sony Z3 (Iphone 5s)?
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Oct 8, 2015
Have the possibility to buy a Headstreamer for a fairly good price and wonder how it matches the ATH-M50x?
I have not decided on those headphones just yet but I am leaning towards them at the moment.
Tried a pair with the HRD Microstreamer and my HP Laptop and it made a significant difference. Did not try it with my phone though....
So a couple of questions:
1. Would the Headstreamer and the M50x be a good match if I run them on the:
    * Laptop?
    * Phone?
2. Does anyone know if it works well with both Iphone 5s and Sony Z3 Compact?
3. Can I expect a big difference on the phones by adding this DAC. I sure did with the microstreamer and my HP Laptop.
4. Would you advice to get Another DAC over the Headstreamer for these cans and areas of use?

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