Advice on a good pair of Headphones, around £50
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Jun 9, 2009
Over the past 2 years or so, I have been through 3 sets of headphones. A pair of Sony MDREX32LPB, which I lost, decent pair though. Skullcandy Smokin Buds (Yes, I am never going to mention these on this forum, they explain for themselves. The wires started to fail and a headphone didnt work. And Phillips SHE9501/00 which aren't too bad...pity the cable wiring was also dodgy.

I dont know if its just the way I am using them. I use them everyday with my iPod, on the bus and in school, and also in the gym. So they probably go through quiet a lot of wear and tear. Im fed up replacing them all the time and would like a good quality set of headphones. I have been looking at Shure, UE and Klipsch, and couple pairs of Etymotic (but I think they are out of my price range).
I listen to mainly Electro/Dance/Rock/Metal music. So I like really good bass for the beats, but also good treble for the guitars. Dont want the guitars drowned out by the bass.

Any advice on a good pair for around the £50 mark? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Btw, sorry if these kind of threads are all over the place...

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not something ive heard myself (i have its sibling) but the denon C551 might be of interest to you. denons have nice cables and the c551 is made of metal. only thing is is stupidly over priced in the uk compared with elsewhere but it can be had from ebay for much less than shops sell it for here.
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Cheers mate. They seem real good. Decent reviews on Amazon too. Might give them a shot if there isn't any other suggestions. Although....Im heading to Florida in 2 weeks, was maybe wondering if I should get them over there...Kind of need headphones ASAP though.

Any other suggestions?
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Im liking the look of those C551's on eBay. I think I might have a shot at going for them. Although, I did come across Sennheiser CX 95's, which get pretty well reviewed.

Although, tbh, I think the C551's might be better. Wirings seem more sturdy.

Cheers for those links on eBay, btw!
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I have managed to sink my ears into a pair of these Denon C551's. Got a pair on ebay for £42 and came today. Lets say, great headphones! Bass is top notch, and it doesnt drown out the treble, excellent all rounder. Oh, and the case that comes with them is funky too (yea, i have been used to getting strange cases with my skullcandys and phillips). Sounds great with all genre's to be honest, i am easily pleased though, lol.

Once again, cheers for the recommendation!! Would probably have ended up with a set of useless trash, again, that you put in your ears if i didnt get these...

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