Advice needed with my new Creative sound card and Creative speakers, how to plug it all in? lol!! and more advice please
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Sep 15, 2010
Hi Guys
i`m a newbie at all this Audio stuff 

currently, my Desktop PC is this model
it came fitted with this internal soundcard which i`m not impressed with to be honest
i have just ordered this USB Soundcard, is it anygood? 
i will be mainly using it to listen to FLAC files from my PC
i have these speakers sat waiting for connection to the new soundcard
how do i connect everything up?
is it 2 phono jack cables (left and right) from the out of the soundcard
and then plug the mini stereo jack end in to the aux in on the front or rear of the speakers?
also, what is the volume dial for at the front of the soundcard?
does it turn volume up just for the headphones?
do i turn the volume dial to 3 quarters? and then turn up my speakers?
i want to make sure theirs no distortion and get the best sound from my FLAC files
will i notice a HUGE Audio quality difference with this soundcard compared to my internal one??
thanks for your help guys 

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Aug 21, 2012
i have just ordered this USB Soundcard, is it anygood?

i don't have it but you can read a review of someone on this forum who does have it here:
also, there is no low latency asio driver for this card and i've been told by a friend of mine that it's more a "gamer" card altough it should give you an excellent upgrade over your onboard audio
to connect them, you're fine with the rca outs on your card, just connect those directly to the back of your speakers
and for volume control, i suggest you only use your sound blaster to control that (in windows and in foobar or another audio player, just put the volume at 100%)
hope this helped you :wink:

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