Advice needed: Plannifying equipment DAP vs Mobile +DAC
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May 20, 2012
Hi guys,

i would like you give me some help, i'm not an audiophile and i know so few about audio, but i like good sound quality, until here i was using a cowon d2 with a sennheiser CX-500/Hippo VB and my music is in FLAC (mostly rock, Joe Satriani, Neil Zaza, Rush, Dream Teather, Apocalyptica, the killers, sonata arctica, etc.).

Buy my DAP is broken and i will change of phone also, so i was thinking... Can a phone deliver a good quality sound? i was reading that a Samsung Nexus have a wolfson DAC, but idk if it's the same of a cowon DAP...

BTW, i was thinking also in a Fiio E17 as preamp for DAP/mobile phone and as DAC for notebook (through USB)

What do you think i should do?
1) Buy a Cowon J3 + Fiio E17 + not so good cellphone
2) Buy a a good cellphone (i heard advices, but i want Android)+ Fiio e17
3) none of above
Sorry for my broken english, i'm a spanish speaker

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