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Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by dungie, Aug 23, 2012.
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  1. Smeckles
    I currently commute daily with GoVibe PortaTube+, CLAS and an IPod, though I am using IEMs.  I have demoed the unit with LCD-3s and was quite impressed with their ability to drive the large unit, but note I did not have more than 1 hour with the combo so I can't critically comment.
    The main issue I had with this set up (and it was minor quibble for the most part) was that I thought my IEMs (ACS T1s) had a dip in the midrange response. I could live with this, since a) it wasn't pronounced and b) compared to the absolutely incredibly tight bass response the T1s have, I though "well, midrange was likely to pale in comparison anyways".  I needed to have the PortaTube+ serviced a few weeks back.  Once the unit was returned to me (after just a few weeks; thanks Jaben!), the midrange dip seemed to be gone and a much flatter response in its place, while still keeping the awesome bass and treble inline.  Not sure what GoVibe did or replaced but the midrange dipI heard was not the IEMs but seemed to be the amp.  The unit was repaired under warranty at no cost (almost 1 year after purchase; thanks GoVibe!) but I never got a list of what was updated/repaired. Just something to look for in you evaluation of portable tube amps.
    That said, I cannot compliment GoVibe and Jaben enough for the service and overall quality of sound (and enjoyment) I get from a small brick which fits neatly in a shoulder bag or a (large) jacket pocket. 
  2. Jalo

    For me:

    Source: Dx100 >slightly better than Colorfly C4, but both are very good. It is better than the IPod/Solo combo. I suspect it is the ability of the Dx100 to play hires format plus the advantage of the Sabre chip in the DX100.

    Amp: Triad Audio L3 slightly edged out the SR 71b and MKRX3 in balance mode. Something tells me it may have something to do with the battery in the L3.

    Phones: JH13 is my choice at the moment until I own the Heir Audio 8.A. Something tells me that the Heir 8.a have a great chance to become my number traveling phone.

    Cables: Piccolino is still my top choice.

    With it smoother/warmer sound I think the Piccolino is a good match with the Dx100 and JH 13. The only reason that I do not travel with the L3 is because the L3 is a much bigger and heavier amp but the sound (I can stil remember the body the that sound, woo) is a perfect match with the DX100's leaner and more natural sound signature.

    My ideal transportable system will then be:

    24/192 source materials to DX100 piccolino line out to L3--Piccolino line out to JH 13 and/or Heir 8.a when available.

    Disclosure: excepting the Heir Audio 8.a, I have heard the L3, MK3, Colorfly C4, I have owned the DX100, iPod/Solo combo, SR 71b, JH13, and miles of Piccolino.
  3. NZtechfreak
    I doubt my set up is a patch on most of these here, but it's something different to think about...
    Galaxy S3 (formerly, at any rate, actually I'm using a Note 2 now) --> USB audio --> RSA Intruder (or HeadAmp Pico, or Leckteron UHA-6S.MKII next week when that arrives) --> Full sized cans, either closed for portable use (T5p, W3000ANV, ED8 or Sig Pro) or open for settings where that's possible (GS1000i, LCD-2, and from next week HE-6 also). Next investment will probably be to try some balanced cables with things and see how they sound with the RSA Intruder, possibly the Jaben T5p removable cables mod too.
  4. reddragon
    im looking to get the ibasso dx100 in january, im currently only using ipod classic to fiio e17 to whatever headphone of choice i feel like using. but in january, i should have enough money to go for the ibasso dx100 and then i will pair it up with my beloved sony z1000 for portable rig. my z1000 is super easy to drive, so it should have no problem with the dx100. im also waiting on reviews of the hifiman hm901 to further decide if i really want the dx100 or not. my budget for portable dap is 1k. i so wish my ipod can support high resolution files so i wont have to buy another dap. it will be nice to just use ipod with its awesome interface... and just get a dac/amp for it, oh well... hopefully dx100 by january wont have anymore bug reported by headfiers over here...
  5. Benmor
    Smeckles - thanks for the govibe+ suggestion. That would fit in well with the CLAS.
    Any thoughts on the difference between the govibe+/CLAS and RaySamuels SR 71B/CLAS for the LCDs? 
  6. David1961
    My main headphone system is 009 + BHSE + K-01, but because I've on order the GS-X I wanted an headphone I could use with the GS-X and portable use.  
    So I ended up getting the Grado PS500, but I found them too uncomfortable, amongst other thing's.
    I then asked Birgir for advice and he suggested the Sennheiser HD600 which I now have.
    The HD600 is the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn but until I have the GS-X, I'm driving it with my Pico Slim and my source which is the K-01 and the SQ has to be heard to be believed.
    Today I decided to try the HD600 with my Pico Slim and iPod and while the SQ isn't at the same level as the 009 + BHSE + K-01, it's a SQ I'd be happy to listen to quite a lot.
    The HD600 cost me £269 and it sound like a £1000+ headphone even with the Pico Slim and iPod.
    P.S. With the Pico Slim using the HD600, I did have to have it's volume knob high.
    I might eventually get the AlgoRhythm Solo.
  7. rudi0504

    I am agree With Currawong :

    Ultra portable set Up : Iphone 4 S + pico slim + fit ear 334

    Portable set Up :

    Iphone 4 S + Alo Class solo tactical Edition + Alo Rx 3 B + fit ear 334


    Iphone 4 S + Fostex Hp P 1 + Alo Continental V2 + Fit ear 334

    Cable : Alo Silver cable For fit ear 334
    Mini to mini 4 strand 18 AWG Silver solid core
    USB to lod. Van Den Hul Silver Tone arm cable DIY
    USB to mini For Pico slim Alo SCX 18 AWG

    Portable headphone : ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium recable Whiplash twag elite 2
    PRADA Headphone
  8. Ditti
    Let me give this a shot.
    Source: ipod classic (or Touch) > HRT iStreamer (battery powered)
    Amp: ALO RX Mk2
    Cans: Westone 4, UERM
    I have tried my iStreamer on battery power and it works pretty great.  No major issues with it.  In fact I think it's even quieter than the included USB power supply.   Honestly, I personally prefer it to a CLAS although I must say the CLAS is far more portable than the iStreamer with a chunky battery.
    The RX Mk2 remains one of my favorite amps even though I own most of the top tier portable amps that get frequent mentions here on Head-Fi.  It is versatile.  The SR71A would be on the list if not for the most troublesome 2x  9 volt battery requirements.
    For cans, I have given the UERM's plenty of demo time and I still think that they are great, great CIEMs.  Can't think of any selaed portable headphones that I like enough to definitively put on the same list.   I am looking at the JH-13's with FreqPhase but have not heard them yet and as such, will not be adding them to the list.
  9. Takeanidea
    Can anyone recommend a shootout post that compares the current big players in the postings here? I have a heron p3 and an imod. I think you're looking for something a little more upmarket. My limitations compared to my motorhome setup are lack of definition and soundstage and an inherent background loudness . As if someone's turned the mixer up on everything
  10. reddragon
    well i like comparison of the big players like ibasso dx100, iriver ak100, the upcoming hifiman hm901... and such, that will be really nice for someone whos trying to decide what to get, like me!!!  [​IMG]
  11. czqdtc
    I was using iPod + clas + continental v2/sr71-A to JH13/ ES5/ Togo 334
    But nowadays I found I use my imod+UHA-6s MKII (solo+ amp is not pocketable, but this is) and westone4 with twag v3 more. Westone 4 is a truly a magical universal that is so comfortable and never fortiguing.
    Sometimes cheaper is better.
  12. Takeanidea
    rudio504- you have the rx3 and the v2:)
    Wow! They must be great. Can you tell me the differences between the two? Would they compare to a good desktop headphone amp?
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