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Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by dungie, Aug 23, 2012.
  1. reddragon

    What is balanced/singled ended amp?
  2. Armaegis
    What kind of battery are you planning on hauling around with you? Something like the Energizer XP8000/18000 might be useful as it has multiple power output, but you'll have to figure out how to configure it with the rest of your gear.
  3. MrMobius
    Hi Currawong.  No - it's not my blog.  However I have ordered a Pan Am to act as a desk-top (with the Gateway and Passport - just in case...) - it should arrive next week.  I also bought a Bel Canto c5i for my desktop but the HP out lacks grunt.  It's working beautifully though driving my B&W PM1s and PV1 sub..  My Leckerton6smk2 arrived today for my portable rig and it sounds really good annnnnd packs a real wallop.  My Marty customs arrive this week and then I had better get a cure before I go broke.  I am selling some old speakers, my mountain bike etc so my guilt levels will go down, and bank balance back up.  Then again I am off to Bali for 6 weeks with all the new gear to listen to so perhaps I should feel just a little guilty still.  This Leckerton sure sounds good.  More punch per gram than Mr Ali ever had, and he was...
  4. kiwirugby Contributor
    Something to consider is what I have going right now, and that is the iPod Classic (losssless) > ALO CLAS > ALO Continental > JH13 or DT1350 (closed) or HE-500.  Definitely transportable.  In fact, the iPod/CLAS/Continental bundled together fit in my cargo shorts pockets.  However, that doesn't guarantee my shorts stay up!!!
    For me the ALO CLAS adds real sound quality value. regardless of amps you might chose.
  5. ericfarrell85
    This is great gear. I have used my XP8000 to charge my Ipod, CLAS and MK3 (not at the same time but in a single day) with the XP maintaining leftover juice. This battery pack was also used to great effect with the Stepdance, providing 15 volts with a Willy Cable. Highly recommended. 
  6. ianmedium
    I love the system I have. SR71-B, classic/solo and various headphones, some suitable for noisier environments such as the FAD Heaven S or Etymotic ER4S or if you want transportable but listen in quieter enviroments such as hotel rooms and such then I use my LCD2's which mate very well with the set up I have.

    Lastly to add to that list is my latest purchase and one of the best purchases I have made in headphones to date, the Final Audio Piano Forte IX. They are not for everyone, if you are what seems to be the typical headifer then I don't think you would like them as they don't do the bells and whistles or wows but what they do give is a sublime emotional connection to the music that I have not heard before in any of the headphones I own or have tried.

    I completely disagree with those who say the SR7-B lacks when used single ended. I find the difference not as large as many say. Remember as well, folks like the latest thing here, they usually trounce 'older' gear in reviews and such. Having heard the RX3 I suppose if you like a HiFi sound then you would like it. Also I just cannot get past the hiss one hears (I heard one of the ones that was meant to have been fixed) No hiss with the blackbird on low gain, just inky black and velvety smooth and yet able to extract reams of detail with the right source and phones.

    I have had many non headfi audiophile friends listen to my set up and have loved the sound especially with the PF's. Without prompting these folks have all said how effortless and rich in texture and emotion the sound is. If you like that kind of musical delivery then you may want to try this set up!
  7. Kashtan
    My opinion:
    Hdp-r10 $ 1,362.57 or HM-901 $ 1250 (Colorfly C4 pro better than DX100 and HM-801)
    Amplifier, either
    GoVibe Porta Tube Portable Tube Amplifier $ 658.00
    Portaphile 627 $ 550.00
    Rx MK3-B $ 649.00 (maybe the best)
    Triad Audio L3 $ 800.00 (more opinions he gives Rx MK3-B)
    or SE 5-way Reference Custom IEM's € 1269
    Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors USD 1999.00
      FitEar MH335DW 168,000 円
    Unique Melody US / Beat Audio $ 2,280
    Compact Monitors Stage April 1239 €
    Fit-Ear PS-5 $ 1650
    Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-CC FI-DC1602SC-C $ 2650)
    or Sony MDR-R10 heavy bass € 5900
    (alternative access Audeze LCD-3 $ 2000)
    Wire: either German (vintage) microphone or Crystal Piccolino $ 1,338.00
  8. ianmedium
    Just out of interest can you tell us which of the equipment you have listed you own?
  9. Kashtan
  10. xzobinx
    win [​IMG]
  11. ianmedium

    So really all your list is baseless. Your new so just to let you know it is bad form to recommend or give an opinion on items you have not heard or have experience of. Saves confusion
  12. Saraguie
    Hi Dungie, Have you made a decision on equipment?
  13. Kashtan
    I agree, just collecting data from various tests and came to the list itself. It is not perfect, especially since I myself have not heard anything.
    But he'll stop your choice on a device that is almost unknown American amateurs, European and Asian too. It is a portable device from Belarus.
    On headphones I have not collected the full information.
  14. andyschaub
    FWIW, I prefer the JH16's over the 13's. They have better bass response and a smoother treble. I hope that helps.
  15. Benmor
    I need similar advice. I'm looking for a portable rig for my LCD3s. I've been looking at the Algorythm Solo/ Rx MK3-b with probably an ipod . So that's about the size - bit more portable than the Pan Ams.

    Any suggestions?

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