Advice needed for getting the best out of a Burson Soloist
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Jun 23, 2010
I haven't run across too many threads for this amp. Apparently there was one that I keep seeing links for in other threads, but whenever I click on those links it leads me to a page saying I don't have permission to view that thread. Not sure why.
Anyway, I just picked up a nicely used Soloist after doing such research as I could. It was either that or a used Slee SRG II. Since an opportunity came up on the Soloist first, I took it (thanks feilb!). I have both a Yamaha YH-1 and Senn HD540 Ref.II. The Soloist drives either one very nicely. I wanted to find out if anyone has recommendation for interconnects that might be very nicely suited as input to this amp. It's being fed from my Pass XP-20 Tape Out. I hope this doesn't start any flaming about people being wrong if they think cables sound different. I know at least in my system they do, so I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has experience in optimizing the Soloist with a good IC.

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