[ADVICE] Need Recommendation for New Cans for Gaming/Music ~$200
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Sep 17, 2015
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Quick history of my headphones to give everyone a taste of what I'm looking for.
The first pair of "better" headphones I ever bought were some Grado S60s.  Great open sound, but dear god, uncomfortable.  I bought some S-Cush pads for them, and they're still not that comfortable.  I then picked up a pair of HD485s that I loved.  I used them for anything from watching movies, to listening to music, to gaming.  Then they broke.  Around the same time, I picked up a pair of Ultrasone HFI-580s.  Ok sound, not great comfort either.  I used them when I needed isolation.  Again, they were used for everything (gaming, music, etc).
After a while I decided to get some better quality cans.  To that end, I bought a pair of HD518s to replace my HD485s.  To this day, I still use them exclusively on my desktop (and occasionally on other devices too, when I want better sound).  I love these cans....save for one problem.  When I use the 6.5-3.5mm converter, it makes the plug itself a bit heavy.  I've already had to replace my front audio jack because of the weight of this thing gradually warping the jack.
I also currently use a pair of UE6000s.  These are my go-to cans when I need isolation.  I also use them when out and about with my iPhone (when I don't feel like listening to my RHA MA-750i's).  Love their sound.
So the dilemma is this:
I'm looking for a pair of cans that I can use for gaming, as well as for music, that can also potentially be driven off an iPhone.  I'd also like them to end in a 3.5mm plug.  I think open would be the way to go, but I'm thinking I could also use closed.
I've looked at HD598s, but am wary about getting them because of the plug.  I've looked at V-MODA M100, Fidelio X2, DT 770 Pro, ATH M50x, and I'm just lost, especially when trying to decide if I should go open or closed (I'm leaning towards open for the soundstage, but am eyeing closed for their use on a commute).
Anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks for your help (and apologies if it seems like I rambled on a bit).
Typical music listened to:
The Seeds
The Sonics
The Beatles
Alabama Shakes
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
Black Keys
White Stripes
Passion Pit
Postal Service
Michael Jackson
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First, the Philips X2 are not going to run you $200. Will be much closer to $300. The X1 model is much closer to your budget range.

You really should decide if you want to stick with your UE6000 or not for portable use. The soundstage of an open headphone is very nice :)
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Ok, yes, fair enough.  I've looked at others that would be outside the around-$200-ish range, such as HD600, DT880, DT980, K701, etc. in order to get an idea of deals out there (i.e. I'll consider a DT880-Pro at $250).

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Some of those open headphones are difficult to drive. They would not do well off an iPhone without a headphone amp.

You might enjoy the reviews here in this gaming guide: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-5-31-2015-beyer-cop-and-shure-1540-added. See if you can find a headphone that rates well for gaming that is also something you might like for music :)
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A 3.5mm cable for the HD598 can usually be found very cheap. All of the options you've mentioned would need an amp but the HD598, so count that into your budget.
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Yes. You can buy them on ebay cheapest. A simple search yields many results.


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