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Advice for someone new to the audiophile world? (Mainly recommendations on which earphones to buy)

  1. GammaRays
    Hi there,
    So I recently got a nicely sized chunk of change (about $70) to spend on Amazon. I've been meaning to step up from my stock Apple earphones for quite some time now. Pretty much all of my music files are 320 kbps, so I know a higher end set of earphones would be worth it. The only question is which earphones should I buy? My budget is $70 and I'm been thinking about buying the Klipsch Image S4 since its currently on sale at Amazon at $59 from its usual price of $80. Any thoughts or comments?
    Also, how would Beats by Dr. Dre compare to the S4? From what I've read, Beats are decent earphones, just way overpriced.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    CALs (Creative Aurvana Live), closed, nice sound, easy to drive.
    Great prices at Amazon and Creative Labs.
  3. GammaRays
  4. Rickstahful
    Kind of depends on what types of sound you're into.

    If you're looking for something more analytical, HiFiMan RE0's are tough to beat, although they may be a bit of a stretch at $80, and hard to find.
    I recently got myself a pair of Brainwavz M4s, which are about the $50-$60 range, and have really punchy bass with a slightly recessed mid. From my experience, Brainwavz products are very good bang for the buck.
    All else fails, search up the ljokerl IEM or headphone comparison, they're probably the most comprehensive lists on the internet.
    Also, Beats are decent, but only if we're comparing the ~$300+ Studios/Pros to sub-$100 headphones.
  5. pufftissue
    The S4 seems like a pretty standardly recommended intro to higher quality sound. However, I found them to be ALL bass and muddy everything else.  The bass was also bloated and not at all concentrated or tight.
    The etymotic Hf5 would be a better IEM in my opinion, but don't pass judgement for a week.  Then go back to the S4 and see what you think.
    My fav soundwise would be the RE0 but I can not recommend them due to repeated and systemic build quality issues (based on personal experience and complaints on this board).  I was even set to give them another try, but I am not sure if they deserve a second chance.  If you are a gambling man, RE0 is the way to go. Otherwise HF5.
    These IEMs will have tight bass, but not copious amounts.  So if you're a bass head, you may not like them. But I am responding mainly b/c I really did not like the S4.
  6. tinyman392
    Please tell us if you have any sound preferences if you have one (bassy, bass light, treble happy, etc).  Also let us know what specific genres of music you listen to.  When shopping for headphones, it's important to find one that fits you, not me, not that person next to, not even the person above me, you.  In a way, headphones are hand-picked to suite you so there is little chance you won't end up disliking the signature.  So let us know your musical tastes and sound preferences (if any).

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