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Mar 21, 2006
Based on the following information, I'd like to see if I can find a consensus on what would be the best headphone to pick up. I've just had a pair of Shure E3c's die an untimely death. I've thought about getting another pair, but I figured I'd see if other viewpoints might push me in a different direction.

So, I'd describe the sound I like as clean, airy, articulate, tight bass with a little elasticity, as much warmth as possible but detail is as important. Non fatiguing. I listen to a broad range of music. Ambient to aggressive electronic, jazz (mostly bebop), classical, Tropicalia, various flavors of rock (In the past, headphones I've had have not done well with crunchy, electric guitar heavy rock), and music with male and female vocals. Needs to have at least good isolation since I listen to music a lot on public transit. Under or around $200. I'm waiting for delivery of an iAudio U3, so that will be my primary player. I've got good equipment at home (NAD receiver, Arcam CD with B&W speakers), so I'd like to not feel totally cheated whenever I listen to music on the go.

Right now, I'm mainly considering the Shure E3C, Ultimate Ears 3, Etymotic ER-6 and Audio Technica ATH-CK7. I've seen a lot of good reviews for the Sennheiser CX300 lately, but I'm doubtful that they are truly in the same class as the four I've named, given the price. I've had Senns before though, so maybe? I'd also consider any other style, brand and model as long as they provide a fair amount of isolation because of my train commute.

Any and all insight is much appreciated!

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