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Advanced Sound Model X (TWS) Impressions

  1. Lurk650
    Didn't see a thread and figured I'd start one.

    Just received mine today. So far, the pairing is ridiculously easy. I remember having SoundPeats and they were a PITA.

    As far as sound, big bass that seems to hold well enough clarity in the rest of the sound. Def gonna be my new gym phones .
  2. damdnation
    Im enjoying them too. Like you said, they have big bass and stay clear.

    These have replaced my sennheiser mm30g as my office headphones. I really like that i can take out the right ear piece only and the left one stays off.

    Of course, nothing is perfect. The included tips don't fit me just right. They are either too small or a bit too big. I contacted ADV and they say they are working on more tips. They also informed me that the Comply Truegrip foam tips fit the Model X. But, i think ill just keep using the slightly too larger tips and wait for ADV's.
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  3. Lurk650
    Used them on Caltrain in San Francisco to head to the Giants game. Isolated great, couldn't hear a thing with music going. Connection and comfort are solid.
  4. mochill
    Anymore impressions
  5. Lurk650
    Hopefully some more get on here, a few have posted impressions on the Model X FB page
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