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Advanced Sound GT3 Experiences, Appreciation, and Review Thread

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  1. Cinder





    Hi-Res Audio Certified | What does it mean?
    ADVANCED GT3 in-ear monitors are certified by the prestigious Japan Audio Society (JAS) to produce frequency over 40,000Hz making it an essential part of high-resolution audio (96kHz/24-bit) listening experience.

    Extreme-resolution Audio
    ADVANCED GT3 in-ear monitors provide an unprecedented level of resolution and sense of space through its integrated monitor design that consists of the proprietary driver, stainless steel acoustic housing, and quad-braided silver-plated copper cable. The resulting audio is a stunning mix of clarity, micro-detail, speed and extremely wide sound-stage.

    Proprietary Driver Technology
    The GT3's proprietary driver uses light-weight voice coil which is up to 30% lighter than a conventional counterpart. Its tremendously improved treble response is the core tuning philosophy of the GT3's driver. It is designed to pick up and replicate the smallest nuance in the high frequency above 4kHz and works incredibly well with the sound of acoustic instruments. The proprietary multi-damping structure of the driver aids in the sub-bass extension that does not affect or bleed over the mid-bass region, making its sound characteristic extremely similar to that of a pair of full-sized electrostatic headphones.

    Indestructible Chassis, Tuneable Sound
    The GT3 utilizes CNC-machined, elegant and indestructible stainless steel acoustic housing that minimizes in-chamber acoustic resonance and driver flex. 3 pairs of tuning filters are included to adjust the sound signature to each user's preference. The tuning filters are designed to adjust the 3kHz frequency, of which the human hearing is the most sensitive at.

    Highly Scaleable through Amplification
    The GT3 is highly scalable with additional amplification as it gains a boost in the sub-bass and mid-range, unlocking the true potential of the driver. If you are happy with the sound of GT3 directly through your source, you will enjoy that much more when it is properly amplified.

    Interchangeable MMCX Cable
    There is a total of 2 interchangeable MMCX cables included: a premium quad-braided silver-plated copper cable with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which is specifically designed to pair with the GT3, and a mobile 3.5mm plug cable with a 3-button remote / mic that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

    • 1 MMCX silver-plated copper quad-braided cable
    • 1 MMCX mobile cable with 3-button remote/mic
    • 3 pairs of black foam tips
    • 3 pairs of black single-flange silicone tips
    • 3 pairs of black dual-flange silicone tips
    • 1 premium carrying pouch
    • 1 leather cable tie
    • Driver uni: t Light-coil multi-damping dynamic driver
    • Impedance: 32ohm+/-15%
    • Sensitivity: 92dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
    • Frequency response: Ultra Wideband 10Hz – 40kHz
    • Rated power input: 1mW
    • Input power: 5mW
    • Cable composition: Silver-plated copper
    • Cable length (SPC): 1.5M
    • Cable length (Mobile): 1.2M
    • IEM connector: MMCX
    • Plug: 3.5mm gold plated

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited for this. There's a lot of parallels to be made between this IEM and the Macaw GT100s (even the name!). Hopefully this one lives up to the price, since it's up for pre-order at $200.
  2. jant71
    Look forward but still two months away. :smile_phones: Some parallel to P1 as it sounds like it will like more juice, comes with both audiophile and mic cables, and is MMCX and is at the same starting price of $199. Really most sounds like a cheaper JVC FD01 with 3 filters, brighter clear high speed type of sound, stainless steel housing that can be worn both ways, and MMCX.

    Wonder if Peter Yoon will have couple ready to go early esp. for a fellow New Yorker :) I wouldn't mind ponying up $$$ for them now. Otherwise not sure about being charged now and for something two months away.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  3. Cinder
    From what I've heard they'll be ready when they're ready. Not too many specifics were shared.
  4. mxroadie
    I had the pleasure of auditioning the GT3 twice, over the two days of Canjam in Singapore. Here are some brief impressions:

    1. A deep and secure seal is paramount. Otherwise, because of the sheer speed of the drivers and the amount of details it pumps out, a poor seal would result in a thin and "fizzy" sound. I found the best seal with complys and spiral dots.

    2. The GT3 is neutral and bright sounding with a slight bias towards treble (regardless of the filters used). Bass is incredibly tight and fast, so its not really for those looking for a visceral rumble. Mids are open and resolving but definitely on the thin side. Lovers of lush and liquid vocals need not apply. Treble quantity is in abundance but could sound metallic and brittle without a good seal. With the treble filter and spiral dots, treble gained a bit more body and is more articulated (I believe the small indentations in the Spiral dots tips are at work here, controlling resonance that would otherwise make the treble sounds splashy).

    3. Soundstage is wide but not deep, so the whole band is lined up in a row. But because of a very clean and dark background, fast and layered music didn't sound congested.

    4. I would recommend these for those who enjoy classical music, acoustic guitars and string instruments in general. It also sounded great with electronic music. I am hesitant to recommend these for heavy metal (which was the main genre I tested the GT3 on), ironically, because of how fast these are. So in a track such as this:

    Treble can get too hot and because of the relatively 'flat' stage, different instruments might get compressed.

    5. The built quality is superb. Very well-machined chassis with good strain reliefs.

    I would love to spend more time with these because I think they have the potential to be something special. I don't think I have heard anything quite as fast. Pairing these with a copper cable might give it the body it needs. Oh yes, I was running them off the iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label from my Galaxy S8+.

    So, there you go, some thoughts on the GT3.

    Thanks to Joe from Advanced who kindly shared his thoughts about what Advanced wanted to achieve with the GT3 and for patiently letting me sit through 2 audition sessions!
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  5. Cinder
    Wow, thanks for the heads impressions! This is about what I'd expected from an IEM of the GT3's pedigree.
  6. soundstige
    Would love to hear more about these.
  7. Cinder
    I'll give you my Impressions when I go to can jam this Sunday
    soundstige likes this.
  8. mxroadie
    Looking forward to hearing your impression, Cinder!
  9. Cinder

    The GT3 is fairly versatile IEM. I tried it with its red filters, and in my time with it (approximately 10 minutes) I found myself quite liking it. Of course, this was all predicated on me getting a good seal with the foam tips that were provided to me. The silicones just didn't get the job done.

    Anywho, onto the sound analysis:

    Please take this with a grain of salt as I didn't take notes in the moment and my memory is a bit hazy. The treble was very fast, but not unnaturally so. Decay was pretty perfect IMO, and the balance with the mids was good. I'm sure that the treble is less aggressive with the other filters, but I never got a chance to test it myself. As for the bass, well I thought there was definitely enough. It wasn't like the EarNine EN120 where it's non-existent but wasn't particularly visceral either. It was one of those "hear not feel" situations. I'm interested in seeing what an EQ can do to deal with that. One thing that did stand out to me though was the GT3's capacity to convey texture. It's pretty damn impressive!

    That's all I got for now folks. I'll definitely be writing up a full review of it when a spare GT3 unit makes its way to my dwelling.
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  10. mochill
    Any more impression on these?
  11. B9Scrambler
    I'll have a set on the way shortly. Impressions will certainly be posted.
  12. mochill
    Can't wait
  13. Cinder
    I too have a unit on the way. I will post my impressions once they get in.
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  14. B9Scrambler
    Awesome! Been looking forward to them since the initial impressions. :)
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    Very interesting take on the filters:

    adv gt3 filters.png

    Difference is noticeable - but I would have preferred a little more difference (they missed the chance to actually have 3 distinctly different sounds)

    Channel matching is pretty good - the left earpiece on my unit has a slight peak difference at 6-7 kHz (and it is noticeable) but depends on the music (tends to be accentuated with cymbals etc)

    adv gt3 channel match.png

    Overall though - very good channel matching.

    Nice extension on the treble too. Definitely upper-mid / lower-treble leaning and quite V shaped. Build is really good. More once I clock up some hours on them.
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