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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. crinacle

    Yes actually, EQing the sub-bass up does make it essentially perfect for my tastes. The dynamic driver responds very very well if one follows proper EQ procedures (pre-amp, gain values etc)
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  2. DWbirdseye
    Great review with good analyticals and meaningful comparisons.
  3. noplsestar
  4. SoundArtillery
    I figured it was just an amateur review.  Honestly, we are spoiled by the likes of Twister6 and Crinacle.  I was turned on to AAW because of these guys and I've made my way through the lineup because of them.  I've been in this hobby for many years and I love when I find a reviewer who hears things like me.  I know I can follow their recommendation to a good purchase.
  5. noplsestar

    Yeah, you´re right, Twister6 or Crinacle, I also like their reviews, and even more so Average Joe´s and flinkenick´s reviews from theheadphonelist!
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  6. ziixtreme
    AAW has a major design flaw with hybrids. I haven't heard W900 yet but W300 W500 suffer from that.
  7. crinacle

    What would that be?
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  8. ziixtreme

    Have you notice W300 and W500 have a distinct sound, it feels like a speaker trapped in a tin can. Try putting a dynamic earphone in a coke can and blast the volume. You will get what I mean. The louder you go, it become more noticeable.
  9. crinacle
    I measured my listening volume to be at 80dB (90dB 85dB at maximum) so if you're talking about volumes beyond that then I can't say I've experienced it.
    Also, there's no such thing as secrets here unless you yourself have worked with AAW's suppliers and under a NDA.
  10. ziixtreme

    80db is still noticeable. It just sounded like a speaker in a coke can. Nothing more, nothing less. I have experience making earphones and I've experience such issue in the past. You can try listening to W300 and W500 properly again. You will know what I mean. Try comparing it with putting a speaker in an empty can with a small hole on top. Then pull the speaker out again and listen. You will get what I mean. You can compare with UM's hybrid. UM doesn't have that sound. :) Just my opinion, cheers. Most important is you enjoy what you have.
  11. crinacle
    I don't have the W300 or W500 now so I can't confirm your claims. The W900 uses the same dynamic driver and I don't get that issue. I think I know what you're talking about; I've heard that kind of weird disjointedness in Earsonics and Clear Tune IEMs. But not in AAW.
  12. ziixtreme
    Not only AAW, Shure has that problem too. I call it Acoustic back flow reverb. I don't have not auditioned W900 yet, so I can't say for sure for W900 but looking at the same design, same problem would be expected. Maybe less, coz W500 has less back flow compared with W300.
  13. Mimouille
    I didn't notice anything special on my AAW900. Is it a soundstage thing or on a special frequency? Because the AAW900 has an open stage, no such thing. And to be honest, I auditioned the AAW500 and it didn't sound like that either. Did you make sure your head was not in a box when auditioning?
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  14. ziixtreme
    I am 150% sure what I am talking about. Any ill designed dynamic earphone has that kind of sound. Simple, just put your hand phone speaker playing some song facing an empty coke can opening. You will get what I mean. Well, I cannot tolerate such sound so it doesn't work for me.
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