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Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. jelt2359 Contributor
    Not that type of IEM. FR-wise, the treble errs on the side of neutral- not tripped up, but not really subdued either. Actually the same could be said of its bass. I can certainly see why fans of the W500 may have expected something different- the W900 is not decadent chocolate. 
    There is certainly some midrange forwardness, but the presentation is thinner, more precise than full-bodied. 
    It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the speed, and the spacious soundstage!
  2. crinacle
    Interesting observations. I found the transient speeds of the frequencies to be rather non-linear; the mids are blazing fast and attack with edge and accuracy, bass being rather typically slow decaying (though it's more accurate to say "natural decay" since slow carries such a negative connotation on Head-Fi) and the treble being also rather blunted and heavy, though this is in comparison with the Samba and the Zeus, both of which are slightly treble biased (with the Samba being moreso).
    Perhaps some burn-in is required (mental or otherwise). Could also be due to some differences between the universal and custom versions. Getting used to the W900's dead-flat upper-end is rather dangerous as it makes me more sensitive to treble peaks on other IEMs. Case in point, the Samba.
  3. Barra
    Does anyone from Advanced Acousticwerkes have a headfi membership? I am looking for a name to pm or person to email with questions.
  4. Vignelli
    i have tested some of totl... 
    500 is the most unimpressed totl iem to me.. 
    too muddy and far from clean..
    does aaw900 have the same sound like 500??..
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  5. crinacle

    Not really. General consensus was that if you loved the W500, you wouldn't really like the W900.

    But as someone who's not looking for a better W500, the W900 is an extremely solid TOTL custom.
  6. Mimouille
    I am not going to help you because I loved the demo if AAW500, found it clean, spacious and punchy...the one you tried must have been defective. I prefered it to the Aether, Maestro and several others. Anyways I upgraded my order to the AAW900 and it sound more neutral and smooth.
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  7. Rollk2
    Anyone here to compare them with the SE-5 Ult or the S-EM9 ? How big are they ? 
  8. Mimouille
    For me in between the two, but my Ultimate is fairly large.



  9. Rollk2
    Thx, too big for me :wink: 
  10. Mimouille
    Hello guys,
    I have been spending time with the AAW900 and I am very impressed so far. I am listening with my WM1Z balanced and spinfit tips CP100. I have approximately 70 hours on them I would say.
    The pairing is very good...spacious yet full sounding (I suppose this is also partly due to the source), powerful yet controlled bass with great details, smooth mids, extended yet non aggressive highs.
    Nothing to dislike so far. When I briefly compared with the DX200 pairing, it sounded more airy but lost some mids smoothness and thickness.
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  11. San Man
    Have you tried it on the LPG by chance Mike?
  12. Mimouille
    Not yet, my LPG is away and will be back soon. I will for sure.
  13. San Man
    You finally did the color change?
  14. jmills8

  15. jelt2359 Contributor
    Great description. I feel the same. Sounds like you hear a good sense of balance- I do too.
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