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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. ezekiel77
    My guess is Linum Bax. Looks very thin.
  2. omastic
    Yes, I am pretty much sure that is the Linum as I own one. I was asking because I can't fit the Linum's 2 pin connector into the W500 recessed socket so I was curios how he managed to do it! 
  3. Nicholaszz
    Its finally here, gonna go collect it at jaben after work cant wait! pictures soon
  4. omastic
    That's great! Looking forward to your first impressions. 
  5. ezekiel77
    Good for you! Hope you enjoy them! Mine are still in transit within the Jaben network. It was "misplaced" for lack of a better word, and was nearly bound for Indonesia. So again, another week I guess.
  6. BenHolmes
    I ended up going with a non translucent white faceplate with black logo, and a translucent black shell. Ordered in november, and has just been sent today. I hope the design is to my liking.

    I also just got my hands on a pair of LCD-XCs and i absolutely am in love with the mids and the general signature. I hope the w500 can compliment it well.

    I'll be running the w500s straight out if my qa360 dap, and out of my mac pro>hifi m8. Hoping to replace the m8 with a chord mojo though.

    Exciting times!
  7. Bina
    And how long was actual wait time? From day your impressions arrived to them shipping customs?
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Shanling-Audio-603230783166845/ https://twitter.com/ShanlingAudio https://www.instagram.com/shanlingaudio/ http://en.shanling.com/ frankie@shanling.com
  8. BenHolmes
    They received the impressions around the 17th of December, and sent yesterday, 4th of feb. so 7 weeks or something. Mine was a re-shell / change of ownership. Must have been a huge Christmas period for them!
  9. GoodToGo1
    Allrighty folks, time for me to update my order. I had placed an order for AAW 500 with Vitesse copper braided cable and they received my impressions last week of December. On Wednesday, I got an email from Null Audio saying that they had shipped my headphones. On Thursday, I received the package from Fedex. I had paid extra for Fedex as opposed to a slower mode of freight but for one day international freight, I am not complaining! Pics of the headphones are below (duh!). I will running these out of the Onkyo DP-X1 ACG mode. Now here comes my "mini" review: 
    1) Packing - The headphones were packed in a black box with the logo of AAW acting as a latch. I thought this was cool and looked to be work of people who like their products. The IEM's were securely put in soft material that did not put a scratch and at the same time held them in place. Packing is minimalist but highly effective. 
    2) Accessories - Included in the package were an 1/4" adapter to connect to the bigger output of receivers / amps, a cleaning cloth, carrying pouch, instructions on how to wear the IEM's, warranty and refit form. All in all, pretty satisfied with the accessories. I had ordered a balanced to 3.5mm adapter as well and that will included in the box as well not separately packed. Thought that was a little weird but whatever.  
    3) Design - I had chosen a green pearl faceplate along with blue glitter body. All in all, the looks are decent. I expected the green pearl to look more rich but it looks kinda dull. The glitter also looks a little faded. Dunno if this is the norm with everyone but the looks leave more to be desired. 
    4) Fit - The IEM's are really big! They stick out of my ear a lot but are surprisingly very comfortable. They also fit very well and don't come out easily. These are my first CIEM's and it felt a little weird because of the whole stuffiness but after a while, I felt fine. With the cable not slung around my ears, the right one was a little loose. However with the cable slung around my ears, this problem completely went away. Given the weight of the copper cable, that is not surprising. After one hour of wearing, the IEM's disappeared and I didn't even realize I was wearing them. That is always a good way of knowing that something is made right. I was using them in the gym and they did not hinder my lifts at all. Even though I was sweating, they did not become loose or hot or stuffy. Very happy with the fitting but will know more after extended use. 
    5) Sound - Initially when I started hearing them, I was not impressed. They didn't sound tinny but they didn't sound full either. After around 1 hour, I felt they really opened up. 
    Bass: First, let me talk about the bass since that is no doubt one of the strong points of the IEM. Put simply, the bass is a world apart. I have Denon 2000 and 7000 full headphones and they don't even come close in bass. The impact of the bass in unreal. Its like someone is playing the drums right next to you. There is no flabbiness or distortion in the bass whatsoever. It is very tight and composed. At the same time, it doesn't overpower the other sounds present. I hear a lot of EDM and man, some of the songs send shivers down my spine. Its an eye opener to say the least. If you are a beats kind of guy who just likes plain thud thud, then these are not the headphones for you. If you want clean composed and 3D sounding bass, stop reading and start ordering. 
    Treble: For a long time, I have used my Denon 2000's. While they are good in many aspects, sibilance is not one of them. I feel that they can sound harsh at times and that can be a bit of a dampener at times. Thankfully, I haven't faced the same issue with the AAW 500. I don't know if this is the Onkyo helping out here but there was no sibilance whatsoever. The treble is very well rounded and can reach the highs without sounding harsh. I havent tried a lot of female vocals (which really are the test for sibilance!) but I dont expect to change my opinion much. 
    Soundstage: I think the soundstage is very good. The IEM's sound very broad and faithful to all spectrums. The notes are clear and articulate but not thick. You can hear the clear separation between the different sounds which works very well for EDM. It allows for a 3D sounding experience without any added coloration. Very impressive and addictive to say the least. 
    I haven't formed a full opinion on the mids and will add more about it later on. 
    6) Overall - Well it shouldn't be too hard to see that these IEM's are potential end game materials (and game changers). For the price AAW is asking ,these guys sure punch way above their weight. The sound more than justifies their purchase and the fit leaves nothing to be desired. The looks may be improved at this time since everyone wants a good looking headphone. However, it is a small blip in the otherwise great picture. I hope everyone has as much fun with their IEM's as I see myself having. Thanks for reading my rambling review [​IMG]
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  10. ezekiel77
    Wow very detailed review. Glad you like them. I forgot about burning in, but OOTB they sound satisfying enough.
  11. BenHolmes
    Nice review. I'm excited! Can't wait to hear drum & bass on these. Mine's a reshell, so hopefully burn in is all done for me.
  12. WhatToChoose
    I believe these are at about the same price as the shure se846, does anyone have any comparisons? I know universal vs custom, but just to get an idea of sound.
  13. violencer
    Finally got my W500AHMorph. They looking good, fit is good, packaged awesome, but sound is meah... I think something wrong with a cable, I contacted with Null Audio, waiting for reply. Sound is thin, bass is weak, treble and midrange is harsh. Sound quality is not even close to XBA-H3/UE900.
    Want to advice AAW to add more information for W500AHMorph product about how to use screwdriver and which color on switch is what mean.
    Here is some images:
    IMG_0785-resized.jpg IMG_0794-resized.jpg IMG_0788-resized.jpg
    Can anyone tell, is this pinout correct made?
    Update: I flipped left side cable and then they sound OK.
    First 2 minute impression, overall warm neutralish signature, bass is typical high quality dynamic bass, mids - well, they Ok but I think they not a super, highs is also good. I should definitely now update my DAP.
    Update 2: After 1 hour of listening, honestly I'm little disappointed with mids, they reminds me UE Super.Fi 3 Studio which is harsh in mids. Maybe something wrong with my unit, I dunno, but I like mids more even on XBA-H3. Listening Linkin Park - Lying from You, just hurting my ears with digital vocal effects, guitar is not so sweat. Maybe that because my ears get used to more darker upper mids. However, even smoothed Attila - Hate Me, sounds overall better on UE900 to me. W500 is definitely have more fuller mids that I ever heard, but I don't like them.
    Also I found that when you switching the sound to blue point (fully dynamic) that increase the mid bass, it also decrease the sub bass a little, at that state sound signature is reminds me Vsonic VSD3.
    Red point is that fully balanced armature sound, shows you all downsides of mids, it also increase sub bas a little, I think that for quality of sub bass we should say thanks to BA driver not to dynamic and in that state I'm hearing a little misbalance in frequency response.
    To test the sub bass and bass control, I played Stavros Gasparatos - First Hit, I was impressed with this track from H3, however, W500 in default yellow mode shows you a totally new level, they full potential, shows you how good sub bass of BA and mid bass of dynamic driver are coherently tuned. I like fully BA mode more, but sound a little weird in mid focused tracks to me... they also become more sensitive on fully BA mode, so I don't have enough room on Volume with E12A.... Best balanced and best tuned sound on default (hybrid) mode. 
    They definitely sound good with electronic music. W500 is definitely going to replace my H3 for electronic, but they can't replace my UE900. Now tell me, what I get for W500 if I improve my source from FiiO X5+E12A to something more High-End DAP? Also, can anyone recommend upgrade for UE900?
  14. BenHolmes
    Can't go wrong with Black & White, right?
  15. GoodToGo1

    Nice! Sound impressions?
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