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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. GoodToGo1
    How many people got in on the mass drop? 
  2. violencer
    ~40, plus-minus 5-10
  3. ezekiel77
    Turns out my pair was ready, just in the wrong Jaben store (in Singapore and not my country). A call to HQ fixed that, and hopefully I can get my grubby hands on them next week.
  4. omastic
    LOL this must be frustrating. It has been a long wait for you thus far!
  5. GoodToGo1
    We demand immediate impressions on receipt [​IMG]
  6. omastic
    They are generally slow about a lot of things to be honest. My stock cable turned out to be faulty and was sent for RMA. It came back 3.5 weeks later with exactly the same problem. Not even a cursory check was done to see what was wrong. They pretty much sent me back the same exact cable. 
    Sent for RMA a second time and it has been 2 weeks since then with no news whatsoever. 5 weeks behind a cable when in my mind they could have just replaced it with a new one immediately. 
    May be I am asking for too much but I am sort of bummed about this one.
  7. ezekiel77
    Heard it once during audition, loved the bloomy dynamic bass, so different from my multi-BA IEMs. Forgot about the rest haha. Ordered one immediately and have been waiting for it.
  8. ezekiel77
    Man that sucks. Just a cable! They were prompt in their email replies, but hearing your side I hope I don't have to deal with them often.
  9. omastic
    Their customer service is very good in general so no worries. I am sure mine is an isolated case. Also, they have been busy with MOOK and massdrop deal as well. At the very least I can still enjoy my W500 with other cable. 
    So far my take on them is that they are a bass heavy, natural and rich sounding monitor that does not focus on clarity or resolution. Their strength lies on delivering a powerful, energetic sound with a lot of musicality and a 3D soundstage.
  10. ezekiel77
    Haha, hope that when they do arrive AAW won't make a surprise announcement of a new flagship.
  11. omastic
    LOL there is actually a new 7 driver flagship in the works that is supposed to come out next year! At least that is what I have heard.
  12. ezekiel77

    Hot diggity!

    (Checks bank account)
  13. Wil
    Not a bad combination at all! 
  14. omastic
    Not at all! I have been enjoying mine driven by the Mojo as well. Btw what cable are you using?
  15. Nicholaszz
    1 more week! i hope that was the rough estimation jaben gave me on when it would arrive, been waiting so long cant wait to get my hands on them.
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