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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. Barra

    AAW US Demo Tour - W900, W500, plus two Surprises - Starting March 2017

    Good news for US fans, I have talked Grace into a US tour featuring the W900 and W500 plus two unannounced new releases. The two surprise demos will be announced at CANJAM Singapore before kicking off this tour. If you are interested in signing up for the tour, I have launched the tour thread at: 
  2. vulcanprime
    Hey sorry to update an old thread but, what is the size of the nozzle on the W500 ahmorph? Trying to figure out what ear tips to get, either spin fits or spiral dots.
  3. dc655321
  4. Ray1684
    Are there any updates coming up soon for the W500?
  5. webzeb
    Also interested because I'm considering pulling the trigger...but W500 have been on the market for a while now!
  6. jim723
    I know there has no activities in this thread for a while (last post was August 2017).

    I just recently purchased a pair of W500 universal (not AHMorph, it was one of their demos). I like the sound but feel that the bass doesn't seem to hit as hard as some of the reviews indicated. So is this normal? Also I wonder if this is the seal issue. What type of tips would be recommended? (I asked Null Audio and all they said was the bore size is 6.8 mm.)
  7. Barra
    Seal is a big consideration as is the source. To get a proper seal with them in a universal format I have to cup my hands on my ears and press where I am treated with hints of what I could get with a custom version. However, you are also rewarded with a better source and especially more power to drive the dynamic drivers properly. I can get good bass response with my iPhone, but the driver's power requirements are easily overwhelmed when you enter a bassy or busy passage where they get chopped. When driving with my BH2 amp, the same passage is much fuller, deeper, and resonant. Moving to a more resolving source, such as my desktop or my Calyx M, it only improves.

    If those things are not an issue, there could be a driver issue, but that is more likely to affect one monitor, not both causing an audible imbalance. Working correctly, you should be treated to glorious bass.
  8. jim723
    Thank you for the advice.
    I found some spare silicon tips that have wide stem and they fit the W500 nicely. They provided very good seal and yes the bass is definitely there. Although I have no idea what type of tips they are or where I got them from.

    IMG_5193.JPG IMG_5194.JPG IMG_5195.JPG
  9. webzeb

    As for me, I bought a pair of custom AW W500 en of 2017...and this is simply my WORST audio buy ever!

    After exchanging a lot of message on Facebook with AW staff, very helpful and always prone to answer my - sometimes curious - questions, I was feeling confident.
    I also shared with them the photos of my ear prints and had to go to a second audiologist to get appropriate print.

    But then after, it turned out to be a real disaster.
    The pair I received to not fit properly at all.
    The right one HURTS a lot (I got pain for five days after wearing the W500 only a few hours along 2 or 3 days).
    The sealing is poor on both side and get completely off on the left side when I move my jaw.

    Then comes the problem:
    When you buy, let's say a custom shirt, online and it needs adjustements, it is pretty easy to determine what's wrong.
    You can measure the sleeves, check if the should match, etc.
    You can even share photos on forum and ask for advices.
    But how the hell can you determine that some acrylic is missing is some area, or that there is too much on one?!
    The while process is f*cked-off!

    I finally decided not to return the earbuds for fit correction...because I think it was a pure guess game.
    Custom is not guess game.
    Also I wanted to avoid additionnal fees, because returning the earbuds cost me about 50 bucks...and it might take several iterations (with tax risk each time) until I get a proper result.

    A waste of almost 1 k€ (more than a thousand dollars).
    I am very, VERY, disappointed.
  10. webzeb
    Oh, and the earbuds are complete unwearable. I have 1 k€ taking dust sometimes on my desk...
  11. webzeb
    I just posted following review this morning on Null Audio website:
    Custom process is not OK...
    I bought a pair of AAW W500 late 2017 and could never use it due to catastrophic fit. I don't know where it went wrong: myself, the audiologist (prints checked by photos by AAW before buying, I had to go to a second audiologist) or AAW. But in my opinion, the whole process is unsound: when the fit is not correct, it is incredibly difficult for the final user to guess what's exactly wrong. Do we need no remove some thickness here, or to add some thickness here? It turns out to be a "guess game", with a lot of time and money loss for both parties. (Sendind the earbuds to AAW would cost me about 50EUR (60USD) each time, plus there is a risk of tax or parcel loss). Finally, the process was so time consuming and, to avoid additional money loss, I decided not to return the earbuds for re-fit. So I have been having 1000EUR earbuds taking dust on my desk for more than a year. That's, by far, the most disappointing audio buy I ever made...!"

    Then after, I received an email from juge.me to check and I confirmed my review.

    And, ô suprise, a few hours later my review has disapeared.

    Very serious...

    I re-posted it: same text but ******/*****: let's see what happens.
  12. DrGraceW
    What you are describing here could apply to any CIEM maker as refit is bound to happen to a certain percentage of customs. There is absolutely no intention for us to build your IEM into a poor fit. If you are not mentally prepared for the possibility of refit and unwilling to go through the refit process, maybe a UIEM would be a more suitable solution for you? Since you have not even used your first free refit from us, we would graciously offer you to convert your CIEM into a UIEM despite the standard refit period for W500 is 60 days, given that you are willing to ship your IEM to us of course,.
  13. DrGraceW
    It is also worth noting that it is Saturday night here in Singapore, it is probably outside business hour for NA to get back to you. We take our customer feedback seriously and that is why I am here to discuss with you on your CIEM experience. If you have futher questions, feel free to PM me or shoot an email to support@aaw.me, thanks!

    If I understand correctly, NA review system is manually vetted to prevent spams. For any 2 star or below review they will reach out to customer before publishing and try to find a solution for you, given if there is no amicable solution, then it will be published as it is. Given the weekend schedule, that probably will not happen until Monday, Singapore time.

    I hope the above answered your questions, looking forward to your reply:wink:
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  14. webzeb

    Thanks for replying!

    And thank you for your offer also.

    I do agree that this is a 'generic' online custom IEMs issue, not specific to AAW.
    (And options outside of online sellers are limited...)

    I am OK with the (likely) need for fit adjustments.
    i used to buy custom shirts and coats online: slight adjustments were often part of the process.
    Some shirt seller actually offer a "test shirt" at a low price that allows to make all the adjustments before purchasing more expensive or numerous shirts, making the process less expensive for everybody.
    I also wear glasses and it is usual that you need slight comfort adjustments during the first weeks.
    I also wear custom ear protection, with no problem (but they are silicon, so probably demand less precise adjustments).

    What I am not confident with is how this re-fit process works.
    When everything seems not okay (pressure on one bone, seal different on the two ears, incorrect seal for both ears...) which suggest multiple adjustments might be necessary, I was expecting to redo prints.
    Not that I was expecting you to re-shell the IEMs (I guess there are cheaper and more efficient way to proceed...and that's you industrial process anyway), but at least to have a reference.
    Instead, it turned out to be a kind of guess game, with multiple email exchanges.
    What is VERY time consuming (also for your team).
    What I do not feel confident with at all.

    Best regards
  15. webzeb
    I was surprised that the review was deleted, not that they did not come back to me.

    It is perfectly fine if it takes several days, especially on the weekend.
    No hurry, people an have a break. :)

    They did get back here, anyway, which is very good.
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