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Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 Hybrid Flagship Thread

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  1. DrGraceW
    Hi crinacle, the AHMorph will be replaced with a physical tuning system. We do not have a firm date of release yet, however, it will be exclusively for our upcoming new model, CIEM units will be built to be ready for such system. It will be plug and play upon release. In a way, we are looking at an interchangeable nozzle CIEM. More information is on the way.
    Btw, you can always choose to upgrade your W500:)
  2. Mimouille
    Please release fast my AAW500 is on hold for the AAW900! Any idea on the price yet :D
  3. crinacle

    Oh man, that's great to hear. I hope you got a good upgrade program going that doesn't break the bank...

    I assume this is what you're referring to with regards to the new tuning system? It'll be interesting to see how it's implemented into a CIEM, though honestly it seems like a hassle to use at first glance. More hassle than a tuning knob, anyways.
  4. Niranjan
    Can anyone suggest the best between the ATH IM50 ,JVC HA FX3X and the HA FX102 depending on their sound quality with bass?
  5. DrGraceW
    Do check with the dealer where you purchased the W500 from, they will inform you about the upgrade program.
    I can't access the link somehow, but I think I know what you are talking about. New system is a complete move away from that, metal in your ear canal is not so good an idea. We are working hard on that, tooling is really complicated and thus we will release it after the W900. The upside compared to a tuning knob? it never breaks and you can always replace it even if you lost it. 
  6. DrGraceW
  7. crinacle
    Look what popped up in my mailbox :D

    I'm really not a fan of the FK rat race (looking at you, Noble and Empire Ears) but I'll reserve my judgements for the W900 till I see a pricing. I do love myself the quad-SWFK treble though (mmm, Jomo Samba and QDC 8CH).

    FYI, audition event @Jaben on 4th Dec. See y'all there!


    DrGraceW is this on a 10dB step scale?
  8. jelt2359 Contributor
    That looks good! Would want to know the scale as well.
  9. EagleWings
    It looks like a 10dB step scale. The 74dB line is just south of the center between the 2 lines.
  10. jelt2359 Contributor
    Yep. Looks good.
  11. djcarpentier
    Can anyone here comment on how the W500 compares to the Roxanne? I do love the sound of the Roxanne but miss the physicality of the dynamic driver. Also, is there any more information on the new tuning system described in the last few posts?
  12. crinacle
    Never A/B'd the two but generally the Roxannes are warmer and heavier sounding while the W500 has a more energetic midrange and better bass control. Resolution goes to the Roxannes while the W500 has the edge on clarity.
    New tuning system only available on the newest flagship W900... I think.
  13. tim0chan
    my w500 ahmorph
  14. flipper203
    Hello, I am getting second hand w500 amorph and wondering if the universal and CIEM version sound the same ? any hint on that?
  15. crinacle
    Mostly. Custom would have better sub-bass performance due to fit, but that should be it.
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