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Advanced AcousticWerkes partners with Null-Audio for new line of low cost CIEMs, including hybrids

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  1. ezekiel77
    Thanks man. I remember you said it's really good for EDM, so I tried it with the only EDM-ish album I have, Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.

    Hot damn. What a sound.
  2. omastic
    LOL I was listening to Random Access Memories through my W500 as I stumbled upon this post! Agreed, this album sounds superb through this iem. 
  3. Malevolent
    I don't listen to a lot of Daft Punk (Around the World is really awesome, though), but yes, it seems as though the W500 was made with EDM in mind. Something tells me the architects behind the W500 are dance music fans. [​IMG]
  4. ezekiel77

    Oh most definitely. Cranking them up as we speak.
    Malevolent likes this.
  5. Antihippy
    Got my tracking number for the Massdrop a3hpro!

    Can't wait.
  6. violencer
    Are anyone going to post detailed sound impression about Nebula One? :)
    Just wondering, is it bang for the buck in comparison to Audio-Technica and DUNU earphones in the same price point?
  7. Raketen

    I am curious too. Like the big dynamic iem designs.
    I don't think it's out yet. Looks a lot like Dita's design.
    AT have a new stage monitor style of the ckr9 coming out for $99 too.
  8. violencer
    Raketen likes this.
  9. lmfboy01
    So yeah these are from the Massdrop group buy!  $249usd Hybrid.
    Arrived with a cracked headphone cable connector that split in half when removing.  AAW will send a replacement.  
    Either way I quickly hooked up a linum bax to these puppies, haven't taken them off for 24 hours!
    My 1st customs, probably wont be my last!
  10. datranz
    congrats, boy does it look gorgeous, great choice of colors.
    more impression please...!
    how do they sound?
    is it bassy, airy, clean, muddy, cloudy, or just junk?
    is the fitting really much better than universals?
    i dont know when mine will get here.  i can't wait...
  11. Antihippy
    My delivery status still says arrival at destination post. :frowning2:
  12. violencer
    Here is some more information about sound signature of they products:
    IMG_0802-resized.jpg IMG_0801-resized.jpg IMG_0806-resized.jpg IMG_0807-resized.jpg
  13. Antihippy
    Just got mine in. Great fit, which alleviates my fears of having to send it back for a refit. Need more time with the sound. Not the best I've listened to, but I'm comparing it to a universal iem that is double what I paid for this, which includes the price of impressions and shipping. Really good sound though from brief impressions.
  14. Antihippy
    Honestly, for the price, I'm kind of astounded. Great build quality, great fit, and great sound for the price. There are some areas which I think could still be better when I compare it to my Aurisonics harmony, but I'm comparing something double the price.
    I was hoping that the purple would have a more red hue to it, but it still looks really nice with a shimmery effect on it. Cable feels kinda chintzy and plasticy too but in use it's pretty good.
  15. datranz
    Wow! Those look great too. Please post what you like and not. How does it stack against your other iems. I'm anxious till I get mine.
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