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Advanced AcousticWerkes partners with Null-Audio for new line of low cost CIEMs, including hybrids

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  1. omastic
    I am in the process of finishing up my review. If all goes well it should be up in a few weeks time. 
    Angie and W500 don't have much in common to be honest. Very different sound signatures here, but this is only from my experience with the Angie universal demo. 
  2. datranz
    Any further news?
  3. GoodToGo1
    Interesting, where does the main difference lie between AAW500 and Angies? 
  4. omastic
    Angie is relatively neutral with a flatter sound and a stronger treble presence. W500 is bass heavy, warmer, and lacking some treble energy in direct comparison. I think @ezekiel77 might be able to provide you a much more detailed comparison as he owns both. 
  5. ezekiel77
    Once I get them lol! ETA W500 this week.
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  6. ezekiel77
    So this finally happened.
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  7. ezekiel77
    So these are initial impressions. I'm just about 4 hours in, getting re-acquainted with the W500 sound after a 3-month gap of waiting and nearly no memory of the demo version lol.
    Main difference is easy haha. The W500 is the Warm Machine. The Angie is a neutral tuning with slight warmth (bass at 2 o' clock) and forward mids.
    The W500 envelops the music in a sheet of rich, chocolatey goodness that somehow enhances the mids and stays clear of the treble. So you get a nice velvety-smooth sound with an extended treble that is never harsh. Very special colouration, and musical too. The presentation is a bit upfront and forward. And for now I'm taking the bass to max because I really can't get enough of that dynamic, natural bass. This is endgame bass territory. Only thing is it isn't fast enough for hard rock or metal.
    Angie however has all the details, but isn't in a hurry to show it. It is very smooth and relaxed as well, with a more pushed-back presentation, giving the impression that the soundstage is airier and wider. All except the vocals/mids which are pushed slightly forward, giving it a centre stage. It's slightly faster as well and a better all-rounder.
  8. omastic
    Nice looking pair! The color combination you have chosen is quite unique. 
    As for your impressions, agree with everything. Pretty much in line with what I think of them, although mine is the reference version so bass adjustment is equivalent to ahmorph set at the middle position. I find bass plenty already at this setting, but kinda want to try out the max setting now haha!
    W500's main weakness is that it is not a good all-rounder, and hard rock or metal genre is simply a no go with this iem, for me at least.
    Enjoy your new toy! 
  9. ezekiel77
    Thanks man. This morning I was also telling jelt2359 how W500 and H8P are polar opposites of each other.
  10. omastic
    Hehe yes, they are very good complements of each other. Nice to have both in collection! 
  11. GoodToGo1
    Thank you for taking time to post a reply :) Love these forums!
    According to you, which headphones are "fast"? Curious because on next black friday, am looking to pick another IEM. Though the latest fostex massdrop was really tempting :D 
  12. ezekiel77

    The speed of each note articulation. It can be thick like the W500 which gives a rich and full sound, lingers a bit longer, which to me gives warmth and emotion. But its slower attack and decay of each note means it cannot keep up with faster tracks from hard rock and metal, where the notes might stick to each other and become muddled.

    So the opposite of that is thin note articulation, or faster attack and decay of each note. Brings clarity, detail and excitement, but too much of it will give an overly metallic, unnatural sound. The JH13 and H8P are definitely faster than the W500 in that sense. JH13 in particular I use for rock always.
  13. violencer
    Hi ezekiel77, if you have a time, can you please also compare W500 with SE846, more interested will be know about overall sound signature, bass and vocal comparison, thanks :)
  14. ezekiel77
    Will try it soon. Based purely on memory, the W500 seems like a direct upgrade to SE846. Will post more.
  15. Malevolent
    Those look really pretty! Enjoy bass heaven with the W500. Like you, I keep them on max bass setting for that delicious low-end thump. There's nothing quite like it in the IEM world! [​IMG]
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