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Advanced AcousticWerkes partners with Null-Audio for new line of low cost CIEMs, including hybrids

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  1. BartSimpson1976
    yeah, Orchard Road not ulu ulu but inconvenient to pass there after work for me.
    Wel, CamJam coming and I am not in a hurry!
  2. ezekiel77
    Wow, ulu-ulu places also can enjoy CIEMs eh?
    I like Singapore haha. CIEM access for all!
  3. omastic
    Yeah I can understand, it can be tiresome to travel right after work when its rush hour everywhere. Can jam is right around the corner so I guess no harm in waiting.  
  4. violencer
    Sorry for off top, what the different between can jam and in the audio shop listening?
    I want to visit Singapore to try and buy audio gear but don't know which time is better to do that.
  5. ezekiel77
    CanJam is like a trade fair. In this case an event lasting 2 days within a hotel. Several top brands come under one roof to promote their latest and greatest, promote brand awareness and hopefully sell some stuff. Pros - lots of choice. Updated gear, even prototypes. Get to meet the stars of the industry. Cons - listening conditions far from ideal. Potentially noisy environments, not optimum listening time as other people are queueing up to listen too. Potential for overspending is very great bcos of pressure-buying (last day today! sound familiar?)
    Audio shops will have an ideal environment for testing since they want to, you know, sell stuff. So you might find a nice listening area, a comfy couch, and quiet environs to test to your heart's content unless there are other customers hoping to listen to the same thing as you. You won't get that much choice bcos certain places are authorised resellers for certain brands. But you won't be pressured into buying something you don't like but everyone else does. That might happen in Canjam.
    violencer likes this.
  6. daveyostrow
    Im surprised there arent any more reviews of the A3HPro yet. I still have to get my impressions...
  7. Antihippy
    Aren't they pretty new?
  8. ezekiel77
    I thought the Massdrop special ended very recently.
  9. Antihippy
    Yeah the expected delivery date is Feb 8 for the earliest batches.
  10. DrGraceW
    We will be exhibiting at CES 2016 in Las Vegas this week!
    Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, Nevada USA
    1/6/2016 - 1/9/2016
    South Hall 3 Booth #35785 
    We are also pleased to announce our new United States distributor ADVSOUND, Inc., who will join us at the CES booth as well. Do visit us to audition full range of CIEM demos! ‪#‎CES2016‬
  11. jared basshead

    I'll be getting a3h-V soon for loan which is just the a3hpro renamed. Plus I have the original a3h plus some other phones to compare to :wink:
  12. Antihippy
    I guess this would be the halfway point for the first batch of the massdrop a3hpros?
    Man the wait is why I don't usually go for customs haha.
  13. GoodToGo1
    Seriously, the wait is killing me. Have AAW 500 amorph on order. 
  14. ezekiel77
    Lol. You and me both.

    Hang in there, buy some universals in the meantime. [​IMG]
  15. GoodToGo1
    Oh you too? That's awesome! 
    I cant really audition universals living in Dubai but had my eye set on the U12's. Their price is just too high though plus 1964's customer service really put me off. 
    I am sorta interested in Angies but think there might be an overlap with the sound signature of AAW 500. Cant think of any universals which are great price point for sound other than the Angies. 
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