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ads annoyance

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by bearFNF, Sep 21, 2017.

Are the Ads bothering you or am I being to picky?

  1. Yes, they are bothering me too, I feel ya man.

  2. No, they are not bothering me, I like being eyeballed by a strange dude, get over it.

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  1. bearFNF Contributor
    It may be just me but the new ad layout is very bad. I have a dude from the Sennheiser ad eyeballing me and it is getting very annoying and creepy... :triportsad: It keeps coming up and makes me not want to be here very long.
  2. Muinarc
    It's hawt. The only issue with it I have is that sometimes I see that ad, and sometimes I don't, and the site scales when it is displaying or not. So sometimes the forum listing and threads are compressed horizontally like in your image, then I refresh or change screens and the site goes full-screen (full page width).... and back and forth. Pick one head-fi please :)
  3. bearFNF Contributor
    Yeah I noticed that too, If I narrow my window down I can cut the ads off, but that is not the ideal way to get around it.
  4. cossix
    I dont see it on mobile, which is what i use most :)
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