Admit it, you love the DT770
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Dec 16, 2006
In psychology, there's something known as "secret stealing." Secret stealing is where you really love something, but are afraid to openly admit it because you're afraid that it won't reflect well upon yourself, especially in front of your peers or in front of those you'd like to impress.

In my over three years of Head-Fi and other forums, I've noticed that everybody seems to own the Beyerdynamic DT770, and yet very few people seem comfortable with admitting how often they use it and enjoy it. Especially "audiophiles" or those with more socially-approved (K701, DT880, HD600) quality cans.

Why is this?

It sure isn't a "reference" headphone, but it is better than mid-fi, and after years of HD6x0 and Zana Deux and Stax, if I had to pick just one headphone to live with, it might well be the DT770, with its Tupperware durability and high $$$ value.
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i agree: it is a great phone. for a closed fone, one of the best in comfort and a great rather expansive if not open stage. if only it was not quite so dark i think i would really love it more.

until recently, it has been one of my favourite fones at any price. but, i have also found the ultrasone dj1-pro to be better for the way i listen to music : just it is so uncomfortable.

dt770 is definately one of my favourites.
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I have a DT770 pro and I must admit it, yeah I do like this thing!!

I also notice, beside all the things we've already concluded, that there's some sort of transparency to its sound signature which I really like.

It's a really good can, for just listening to the music and flowing away with it. I've had the K701 and while its a great can you just can't enjoy it all day long. At some point you'll be missing the low-end.

imho, DT770 rocks!!

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Here's how dumb I am: I had to look up "Coldplay".

I meant to mention the biggest 770 + : isolation. You could use it when hunting. It would keep your ears warm, too.

I really love the things............
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I've had mine for awhile - at first, I loved them. Then I got the HD650 and stopped listening to them almost completely. I did prefer open-style headphones.

Last night I was reading Head-fi and it inspired me to try my DT770s again with some trance... all I can say is
They're definitely great headphones!
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Can't stand them one bit.

1) The bass is too heavy. Bass guitars overpower the songs way too much.

2) Midrange is ridiculously recessed. Most of the instruments sound near me, while the vocals are quiet and sound like they're 10 feet away. Very distracting and unnatural.

3) The air pressure inside the headphones is too low, giving me the sensation that my ears are being sucked out when I wear them. Very uncomfortable feeling, and the main reason I parted with them.

I think I'm just more of a Grado type sound guy. I don't have any Grados, but my cheapie Denon AHD-550 sound very close to SR-60.
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i used to love my 770s, but after trying floats and electrostats i couldnt stand the bass anymore.
still love the looks and solid feel, but they just had to go.
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Yes, I love them now, after I replaced the stock earpads for the k271 pleather pads. Great for enjoying music, instead of listening to hifish things.
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What makes you think that ?
I love my DT770-250 and use them as a reference for my studio work.
They're much better than my HD600, without any doubt.

Beyer designed these headphones so they could be used a studio reference, they pinpoint problems in the mix really easily, have clinically accurate treble and high-mids and deep exact bass. Yes the lower mids a bit recessed, but it's not that bad.


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It sure isn't a "reference" headphone

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The bass is just right. The bass guitar on those sounds just like on most full-size speakers I've heard. It "sits" just right above the bass drum and is easy to identify. Instrument separation is excellent with the DT770-250 that I have. I can pinpoint problems a lot quicker than with any other phones I've used.

The vocals are to the front of your listening plane, I call this "soundstage" and it's most probably caused by the Diffuse-Field Equalization scheme. I find this really enjoyable to have the vocals in front rather than in the middle of my head.

Also, my DT770-250 are as timbre accurate as they can be. Electric guitar through those sounds just like when I put my ear in front of the speaker where the microphone is. Very accurate phones if you ask me...

Just my $0.02...


Originally Posted by ex0du5 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
1) The bass is too heavy. Bass guitars overpower the songs way too much.

2) Midrange is ridiculously recessed. Most of the instruments sound near me, while the vocals are quiet and sound like they're 10 feet away. Very distracting and unnatural.


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