Adjustment of AKG K1000 headphone
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 4, 2002
It's been observed by others that K1000s lose base, and richness of sound, when the speakers are moved away from the ears (i.e., in order to increase the size of their sound envelope presentation). I found this to be true when using a solid state receiver, even with a large powered subwoofer nearby. Even with the subwoofer generating deep base, fullness of sound declined as the K1000 speakers were rotated away from the ears. This situation improves greatly when driving the K1000 with ASL Wave 8 monoblock power amps. With these tube amps. the sound envelope generated by the headphone and subwoofer merged into a whole, and rotating the K1000 speakers away from the ears makes little difference in the richness and fullness of sound. With this setup, positioning of the K1000 speakers is not critical.

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