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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. krismusic Contributor
    It would be great if you are able to join the conversation that Canyon Runner spoke of. You seem to be the ideal devils advocate! :wink:
  2. Ruben123
    Canyon runner, I see you're part of the brand. Maybe you can explain it to all of us? I'm very busy with exams and live in quite another time zone.

    And please show us the research papers of the technology :)

    I see I hadn't quoted Stephan completely in my post, so here it comes again:


    “What’s happening is the bubble in each ear is vibrating as that sound is being delivered through the armatures, as well delivering sound right to your ear drum through a typical manner like a normal ear bud. The sound is being conducted across your head, through the pockets behind your face (eye sockets and nasal cavities), to the cochleas on both sides. In somebody that has hearing in both ears, it creates unmatched spatial effects and imaging, because of the dual delivery.

    When somebody has hearing in one ear, the one working cochlea picks up the sound from both sides, while having vibration through the bubbles in both ears. Your brain differentiates between the one cochlea receiving sound and your ears having this vibration in both sides. That’s why Stephen said “feels like you’re hearing” because your brain blends the two signals of vibration and the one ear hearing, to deliver the effect of hearing in both ears.

    Think of it as having somebody tap on a microphone, as well as blowing into it. You have that happening on both sides, if you naturally have hearing on both ears. But if you have no auditory nerve, you aren’t able to hear that microphone being blown in. Still being tapped upon, however. The brain completes the cross conduction and fills in the gap for that faulty microphone by connecting the dots with the tapping in that ear. Giving the person the effect of stereo listening.”
  3. RRod
    Advocating outside of this sub-forum usually just results in being told to come back to this sub-forum [​IMG] 
  4. WCDchee

    You should have seen how I got slammed haha
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  5. Roly1650
    It's a shame this peer review process didn't eliminate the nonsense spouted in the video linked to on the very first post in this thread :

    and repeated in the video in the very next link for the kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1043330169/realloud-technology-that-saves-your-hearing-and-yo/description

    Speakers produce sound waves and "harmful pneumatic pressure waves". Really? Not in any science book I've ever read. Why a reputable source would want to "invent" junk science to explain themselves beats the hell out of me. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking, "If the first attempt to sell me is pure bs, why would I need to go any further? Fool me once shame on you, try to fool me twice, get lost!"

    This is how sound really works : http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/sound/Lesson-1/Sound-is-a-Pressure-Wave
    and "pneumatic" means "Containing or operated by air, (or gas) under pressure".

    So there aren't two waves and use of the word "pneumatic" is completely redundant and an invention of the video bs copywriter, but somebody at ADEL obviously believes it.
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  6. Ruben123

    Youre certainly not alone, Im very sceptic too. Too many snake oil products being sold in AudiophileLand. And who doesnt want excellent SQ while saving your hearing insead of having too excellent SQ but damaging your hearing with regular IEMs, speakers, earbuds etc. Im most interested though in how (semi) deaf could hear again. I dont see why that would happen with only ADEL earphones. Also, see the ADEL Stephen I quoted, their explaination seems bs to me. 
  7. ken6217

    Is there any evidence that a car can cause an accident without a driver? It's the driver and not the vehicle. 
    Playing anything loud directly in your ear can cause hearing damage. Ringing in ear afterwards = not good.
    With regards to the module, I've said it before and I'll say it again, loud noise can harm hearing. The module may relieve pressure but it doesn't stop loud noise being played in your ear. Go to a loud concert or club and your ears ring afterwards from the loud volume. There is no pressure in your ears. Just loud volume.
    I still listen at the same volume with my A12's as I did with other IEM's. I love the sound of my A12's and that is what I bought them for. 
  8. castleofargh Contributor
    pressure and pneumatic and all that vocabulary is probably just a matter of what we're talking about. sound at the ear drum is but a change of pressure at the speed of the signal, so the is pressure, and then not, and a depression, and then again not... ^_^.  are we talking about that pressure, or about a constant pressure from inserting sealed IEMs and creating a compression in the ear canal even without music?
    anyway, it's intriguing, I had honestly no interest in this, but now I hope I'll have the opportunity to try some day.
  9. EagleWings
    Please allow me to chime in. I own an IE80 currently and briefly owned a pair of Earsonics Velvets a few weeks back. With the lowest bass setting on both the IEMs, both IEMs had an almost similar Bass Quantity in terms of the bass I Heard. But there was definitely a difference in the pressure I felt in my ears between the 2 IEMs. 
    On tracks with sub-bass notes, Velvets pushed so much air that I could literally feel my ear drums being pounded with the air punch. While I have not experienced the same with my IE80. I do not have the equipment to volume match. So to be fair, I tried increasing the volume with the IE80 to see if I could feel the same pressure. But No. To recreate the same fatiguing bass on my IE80, I need to dial it's bass up to 4th or 5th Setting (without tape-mod) and dial the volume up on my source. But in this setting, the bass I heard on the IE80 was significantly higher than the bass I heard on the Velvets.
    May be there is a difference in the physics of air jet pressure generated by a Dynamic Driver versus a BA Driver. Regardless, my point still stands that, there is a bass that you can hear and there is a bass that you can feel pounding in your ear drum.
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  10. Canyon Runner
    Paul's in NZ and we're going to be working with his time zone difference already, we were supposed to have the cast a few weeks ago actually, but things didn't line up for either parties, then CanJam was something we had to get ready for last weekend.

    So time zones aren't a problem, just let me know what will work best for your schedule and we'll make it happen. We'll go over the studies and results together, you can ask for clarification for everything you aren't understanding.
  11. Canyon Runner
    As I mentioned above (and posted in the 64 thread) it's looking like things are finally lining up to have the SpreeCast with Stephen that we had mentioned a while back. There's simply been a lot of things going on and I think we finally have the time to do it.

    How many of you would like to be involved? If you're not able to be, it will be posted in here & the ADEL Tech thread for future viewers.

    I'd say post in the thread if you have questions you want to be addressed, but I sorta have a feeling they might get lost as people post and the thread grows. So PM me with your questions that you want answered during the video call, that just seems like it'll be easier to keep track and make sure it doesn't get lost in a sea of posts.
  12. krismusic Contributor
    Obviously excessive volume from any source causes hearing damage. What Adele seem to be claiming is that IEM's and CIEM's are particularly bad. This is contrary to everything else I have read.
    It should not be forgotten in all the talk of "snake oil" that from all accounts the A12 are exceptional CIEM's.
    I guess that is not what is being discussed here though.
    Has anyone suffering from Tinnitus found the ADEL system helpful?
  13. Canyon Runner
    Or maybe, it's something that's been overlooked in the industry. Just maybe, that's why it's still getting funded to explore the difference between sound pressure and pneumatic pressure. If it was nonsense, it would have been swatted down by scientists and mythbusters alike.

    I really encourage you to participate in our spreecast event regarding ADEL, even if it's just to chime in and play the devil's advocate card. You just might learn something, or at the very least have some entertainment.
  14. ken6217
    Maybe pressure + volume from an IEM can causing hearing damage. So we remove the pressure by using the ADEL module. This still leaves volume. There is no way you can say that loud volume played directly in your ear can't cause hearing damage over time. 
    So maybe an IEM with the ADEL module is is less likely to damage your ears than one without. But anyone saying that they want to buy this IEM to save their hearing is ridiculous. If so, I have a bridge to sell you.
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  15. ezekiel77
    Best words ever said.
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