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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. WCDchee
    Hey Paul,
    I've seen the link that you've sent regarding gain of the low frequencies below 300hz in a sealed cavity.
    This is something that I've been thinking about for a while, why a breaking of seal would result in the large roll off of the low frequencies, or for example, why you smaller speakers can fill a small room but not a large one, losing the low frequencies in a larger or more open space.
    However, I think there is something to consider as well, and I'm sure that for yourself, given that you have some experience with measurements, you would understand what I'm saying.
    When you measure IEMs, if the seal isn't right, you get a bass roll off that can be huge, just like what the article says. However, when the seal is right, you're measuring the intended bass response. How I'm not doubting this gain thingy in an enclosed space, I don't perfectly understand it, but say it exists, your typical IEM measurement would pick it up as well. Thus, the frequency response measured would already take into account the bass gain, if you get my drift.
    It would thus be unreasonable to say that you would get a 60db emphasis in the bass frequencies like the article seems to suggest, because this has already been taken care of in the tuning. Unless you tell me that the IEM measures flat without sealing, then yes I can accept that sealing the IEM is going to give you that monster bass. However, if the IEM is tuned based on the sealed measurements, then there is no worry about an excessive bass response.
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Yeah - the difference when we're measuring with a coupler is that we're generally measuring a 20Hz - 20kHz full spectrum sine wave over a period of a couple of seconds.  Not music over a much longer period.  And I guess that is the area which makes more sense (with what Asius is suggesting).
    The other thing to remember with the bass is that in past papers there has only been talk about low frequencies being affected, but I think Steven and his team are the first to suggest it might be also higher frequencies affected.  Thats what I got from several reads of the papers anyway.
    Would be much easier if like BH suggests - there were more controlled tests, and actual peer reviews.
  3. Ruben123
    Lots of comments going on in only few hours.

    I personally have a hard time believing this whole concept, being built on some poorly written papers (can you even call them papers) with lots of assumptions, and them being used as "evidence" for the whole concept. They're missing a few steps. They're going from *maybe it could work* in the papers (which I find to be written very poorly) to *it works, we even have scientific papers to support our claims*.
  4. Canyon Runner
    Ok guys, here is the link to tomorrow's SpreeCast with IEM & ADEL inventor, Stephen Ambrose. 

    The live cast is Friday at 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 5pm Eastern. 

    Please tune into the stream and participate! This will be your chance to ask Stephen whatever you want directly and have him address whatever you throw at him. Paul aka Brooko will be voicing alot of his own questions, as well as commonly voiced thoughts/questions by you, the head-fi community.

  5. Ruben123

    OK bump, hope these questions will get answered too.
  6. Canyon Runner
    Hey guys just wanted to remind you all that the Spreecast with Stephen Ambrose will be live in 4 hours.

  7. krismusic Contributor
  8. Canyon Runner
    Yes, it will be. I plan on posting it here and the ADEL Tech thread, for future users.
  9. krismusic Contributor
    Should be very interesting. I keep asking, you don't know of any reviews of the A6 do you?
  10. eldss
    @Brooko will be posting one on the U6 in the coming future. 
  11. Brooko Contributor
    It's written. Needs a final edit, some photos, and the measurements rechecked. Hopefully up this weekend
  12. Canyon Runner
  13. Canyon Runner
    So the same link to tune into the spreecast is actually the same as to watch it afterwards. Thank you for everybody that joined in and participated! Sorry for the technical difficulties, we did our best to adapt on the fly. I know some of the computer demos were hard to make out, we'll probably do another once Stephen is back from giving lectures in Texas. 

    To those guys watching later, if you find parts difficult to listen/view, try to skip around before canceling out. There were parts that got much better. 

    ​Thank you @Brooko for moderating the discussion!

  14. Brooko Contributor
    Just wanted to say thanks to Steve and Stephen, and sorry for the constant echoing.  It was quite distracting - but I think we managed to get through it.  We probably didn't get through as much detail as we would like, but hopefully it answered a few questions.
    Stephen has invited anyone with more questions to contact him directly - but if you're not keen on doing that - if you can make the questions clear, direct and concise - either PM them to me or Steve and we can make sure he gets them.
    angelsblood likes this.
  15. Canyon Runner
    Our pleasure Paul! Thank you for participating! 
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