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ADEL™ Drum Earbuds

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  1. NaiveSound
    Asius is poison for all companies dealing with them, looks at 64,look at empire ears, they dumped adel inearz is getting the short stick now
  2. FrostyP
    Empire still sells ADEL modules

    And you can order an ADEL version of their Legacy IEMs at checkout https://empireears.com/collections/legacy-series

    Edit don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to defend Asius. Their silence is deafening and makes me question the future of this technology. The backers' best hope at this point is that a big company with the capabilities to fund and ship the end product buys them out like Logitech did with Revols
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  3. eldss
    Yeah, someone to buy them out would be nice, but you get the impression that Stephen Ambrose is not a business savvy guy and appears greedy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t burn so many bridges.
    NaiveSound likes this.
  4. jazzfan
    After seven months of silence, an update was posted on Jul 16, 2018, by Steve Lebischak.
  5. ericr
    Well, at least it looks like backers will get something.

    IIRC, 64 Audio bailed Asius out as well. After repeated delays back in the original ADEL Kickstarter offering those who ordered the Asius buds received 64 Audio products instead.
  6. eldss
    Yes, the drum always seemed to me like the original $100 perk on the 64 Audio campaign, that was never developed and 64 Audio ended up giving those backers a dual driver upgrade. I even remember 64 Audio ended up giving some backers upgrades on the other models as well. At this point, there is at least hope that after 7 months there was an update and they are mentioning a possible replacement, because it was evident that the drum never really seemed to have been more than a prototype that they couldn't deliver on. Let's hope that Inearz is onboard with replacing the Drum w/ their universal iems now.
  7. jazzfan
    Initially, I was an enthusiastic backer with high hopes for the groundbreaking technology. But unfortunately, too much time has passed, and any window of opportunity has likely closed, especially given the less than appealing esthetics of the drum shell design... but that's just my opinion.

    Given the numerous past delays, I may have prematurely relegated this product to the vaporware dustbin. I may be wrong but based on the Steve's latest post my understanding is there still is a slight glimmer of hope that the "drum" will someday see the light of day. It's still unclear when (or if) this may come to pass.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  8. chaiyuta
    I am look forward to Inearz replacement programme. Since I pledged on Level 5 - Earlybird which costs $656 including shipping cost. I wish it will be a extra great discount deal cause I've lent Asius money for years. If Asius simply offered me just only one Zen-4, I might skip and wait for ADEL Drum.
  9. HiFlight
    FWIW, the Zen's are excellent universals, performance, fit, build quality, they have it all.
  10. Weaves
    I may take the ADEL's. However, another update from ASIUS, more questions. They told us January 1, 2018 they were just about done and would slowly start getting them out. This update can't even provide a time period of when they should be completed. Knowing how much longer I would have to wait would impact my decision. I speculate that if it is too much longer, it will likely never happen. Then I would be happy to grab a Zen.
  11. Weaves
    Has anyone heard from Asius yet?
  12. eldss
    No, they only communicate every six months, so next update will likely be then.
  13. jazzfan
    It's been well over 6 months. Has anyone heard any news in 2019?
  14. eldss
    It’s actually been well over 9 months. I think they stole our money. I reached out to them last December and they seemed to be wanting to walk back the Inearz replacements, as they were then planning to start selling their own iems this past January. What bothers me is that Stephen Ambrose keeps showing off his next gen, greatest bubble iem or whatever it may be. Bottom line my guess would be they are out of $. I heard that early on the project they had burned through the allotted funds for prototypes, because the Ambrose guy would not settle on a final prototype, so my guess they burned through funds and we get nothing.
  15. eldss
    Double post
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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