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ADEL™ Drum Earbuds

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  1. radiohead7
    I do not hear anyone talking about these or must have missed the thread dedicated to the Adel Eardrums by Asius but have some questions?
    1. What is the ETA on the Eardrum?
    2. Is the preorder price a discounted price that is expected to go up after its in stock?
    3. Are we Asius to have a full product line of IEM including customs?
    4. Description says its adjustable "Noise Isolation: Adjustable via ADEL™ technology"  is that comparable to them MAM module?
    5. Anything special about the driver(not knit picking just asking...cost control allows to a price point to available to the average consumer i get that ) 
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  2. Judecca
    I myself am also curious about this one after reading a good review about their G1.
  3. azerty6713
    Just see that they will be launch an indiegogo campagn for the Drum Earbuds.
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  4. azerty6713
    Just received a newsletter.
    The campagn is about to begin next week !
  5. chaiyuta
    azerty6713 : I already got that newsletter too. I don't know any details yet but get hyped. Maybe this is a chance to get 12 BA driver with really special price likes the previous KS campaign.
  6. Jobbing
    Normally Indiegogo is a definite no-no for me for several reasons, one of them being the irrevocable pledging structure. On kickstarter you're able to change/up your pledge, not on IGG. Now I have backed the previous ADEL crowdfunding campaign (U6) and since day one and have been very happy with them so I might have to reconsider and back an IGG for a change.......
    As with their previous campaign Asus is going to market their own brand, not only the ADEL technology, their buds are 'private labeled'.
    1) who is making these private labeled housings for them?
    2) what kind of drivers and configurations will be used?
    3) has anyone heard the Drum Earbuds?
    4) how will these compare to the Empire Ears IEMs?
    5) what's the difference between ADEL Drum version and previous ADEL versions?
    6) will the module on these be interchangeable with other ADEL modules?
    7) buds only or customs as well?
    Would be nice if people like @Canyon Runner could join us on this thread
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  7. Jobbing
    Incorporating one of the best headphone audio technologies there's not much hype created on Head-Fi, certainly not much info available to make an educated quick decision. Maybe overlooked an other thread dedicated to the upcoming crowdfunding campaign? If I'm not mistaken it's scheduled for this week....... 
  8. Weaves
    just added my email to indiegogo.
    They use the word "Earbuds".  I am hoping these are smaller scale so I can use for my workouts.
    I am hoping Asius will produce "lower end" models and let Empire do the higher end iems
  9. chaiyuta
    Yes, this time is not IEMs stage but Earbuds. Look at the manual module in the picture. It looks cooler than MAM module.
  10. azerty6713
    So it has started. They have differents models.
  11. bvng3540
    it up and running now, i has place order to level 6[​IMG]
  12. Rin1990
    I haven't placed any orders yet, but I think I might go for Level 1 since I am completely new to this tech.

    Might need to PM Canyon Runner about this first since I have no experience with IGG but still wanna support Asius Tech.

    Though I assume "hardwired" on Level 1 means there'll be no switching cables for it? :frowning2:
  13. Venture Guy
    The Cardas transducer is AMAZING! The question I have is with or without the BA tweeter. A friend lent me a pair of Cardas A8s. The transducer is extremely fast resulting in excellent SQ. Like excellent... accept for the mid bass hump. Also, the ergonomics SUCKED... they were heavy and not wired for over ear so they wouldn't stay in place. It pissed me off because the driver was sooo good. Asius seems to have done everything right in terms of human factors, plus it appears that you can tune the bass by tweaking the magic ADEL diaphragm. 
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  14. Venture Guy
    Thinking about it a little more, I have some words to say about George Cardas. I have a degree in mathematical physics and on a couple of occasions have talked to George about his approach. His level of understanding of electromagnetism is unique. I was blown away. The innovations in all his products, including his ridiculously expensive cables, are based on real physics. No marketing hype. The magnet structure in the A8 transducer is rocket science. You can read about it here: http://www.cardas.com/images/a8_driver_sheet.pdf
    I am thunderstruck that George would OEM his driver to anybody. George is very anti marketing hype. So, the fact that he is allowing Asius to use his driver must (IMHO) mean that he sees real merit in their approach. 
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  15. Rin1990

    Very informative. Too bad it's on a higher level model which is a bit out of my budget on thr ADEL Drum...

    Have you done any comparison with other IEMs with it?
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