Adcom SLC-505 passive pream
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Jan 8, 2004
The well known, hard to find passive preamp. If you have modern sources, then a passive preamp may sound better than an active preamp. It sounds more transparent than my Rotel preamp. It has many inputs and outputs, and can be used as an excellent switch center. Please read the manual in case you want to know more about this wonderful preamp.

This preamp is in very good condition, both cosmetically and functionally. It is rated as 7/10 in Audiogon scale only because of its age and very minor, hard to notice scratches. Pictures can be e-mailed. There is no original box or manual, but the manual can be downloaded from

I am asking $Sold. Buyer pays actual shipping from 24060. I will take PayPal and Monyorder. PM me if you are interested.

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