AD900 or AD700+soundcard?
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Jun 30, 2009
Hi all,

I'd like some input from those who are more experienced and there's gonna be a couple questions I need answered here
. I've done some lurking around the forums doing my research over the past few days and have more or less come down to these two headphones: the AD900 and the AD700.

Before that, note that I'm under the following constraints:
First, I'm an international student currently studying in the UK, but my studies will be over in a couple of months. What this means is that I need to get these things while I'm in the UK because it's hard/expensive to get them when I'm back home, even online.

Second, being a student, my budget is limited. Hence my choice between just an AD900 or an AD700 + soundcard.

Now on to my situation. I have a desktop PC back home, but it's only got onboard sound at the moment (Realtek HD if I'm not mistaken.. it's been a while). I play games a lot and listen to a wide variety of music (though none of them are in lossless formats.. I just recently discovered the audiophile world
) and if I have movies I watch them on my PC as well. Apart from that, it's connected to a Logitech Z-5500 speaker set.

Now, given my budget of around £200-250, should I go for the AD900 or get the AD700 with a soundcard? Which one will give me better results? I'm also still researching on which soundcard would best suit me, though I'm leaning towards the X-Fi Prelude for now. Any recommendations in that area would be appreciated as well.

Lastly, I'd like to know where I can get these (headphones and soundcards) for the best price. I prefer online; and for a brick and mortar store, I'm in Norwich, but I go down to London once in a while.

All inputs appreciated!
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The AD900 is only very slightly better than the AD700. If I had it to do over again, I would have kept the 700 and not upgraded to the 900.
Improving your source by getting a soundcard will definitely be a bigger improvement than the small difference between AD900 and AD700 would be.

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