AD743 SOIC-16 to DIP-8 mod
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Oct 25, 2007
This may or may not be news, but I thought I'd share...

Wanting to try the AD743 in my iBasso D1, I was running into trouble locating the chips in DIP-8 configuration. It seems that the DIP-8 version has been discontinued, with the SOIC-16 being the only version still in production. The DIP-8 version seems to only be available from sketchy sellers on ebay for roughly $30 each; whereas, the SOIC-16 is readily available from major suppliers for less than $10 each. Looking at the data sheet, the 16 pin version seems to only add non-functional pins, so I figured that it must be possible to adapt the 16 pin version for 8 pin use.

SOIC-16 Pin# / DIP-8 Pin #

1 / Not Used
2 / 1
3 / 2
4 / Not Used
5 / 3
6 / 4
7 / Not Used
8 / Not Used
9 / Not Used
10 / Not Used
11 / 5
12 / 6
13 / 7
14 / Not Used
15 / Not Used
16 / Not Used

Pin 8 on the DIP version is not used, so there's no need to connect anything to it. The photos are a bit rough, and my soldering skills limited, but I successfully mounted a pair of the SOIC-16 AD743 onto DIP-8 sockets. I had to bend the pins a bit, and bridge some gaps with solder, but the whole assembly is solid, and the chips sound great in my D1.



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