AD700: Should I take the chance?
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Apr 14, 2009
I have $100 to spend, and I was thinking about the AD700, but I am afraid that it might be too big. I am only 13, but I do have a fairly large head (22" around my eyebrows across the tops of my ears and to the back of my head). What do you think?
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You probably have nothing to worry about. It's the narrow headed people that have to worry.

Hey! Someone younger than me!
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Fine, don't believe me.

BTW, you really shouldn't bump non sale threads. Especially in only one hour.
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I have never measured my head, but this thread made me curious. 22-1/2" (and I am 46.) I hope the OP doesn't have any fit issues with his, because that means I will too! I will find out when they arrive tomorrow afternoon.
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Haha I was just kidding...

But you really shouldn't bump non sale threads.
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Don't let Head-Fi make the decision for you. You decide whether you want to take the plunge or something else.
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Originally Posted by intoart /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What is a large head? What is a small head? I have no idea what the "average" size is for comparison!

Yours is the only true head size. And that's a fact!
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I was curious so I just measured my head. Across the eyebrows and just over the tops of the ears = 22 1/2", and I didn't have much problem with the fit of the AD700s (just didn't like how they itched my face). And with a baseball cap on they were just about perfect. I think you'll be okay, intoart.

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